Anti-Hacker software makes your Windows computer hack proof

Are you a security freak? If yes then this tool is going to interest you a lot. Anti-Hacker is a free software designed to prevent possible hacking attacks on Windows and close all vulnerabilities. You can make your computer hack proof by a few clicks. Remember, using the tool without knowing what you are doing can be pretty, and so it comes with a lot of warnings. So proceed cautiously and do not take any step or patch anything without having proper knowledge about it. In this post we will discuss various features and functionalities of the tool.

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Anti-Hacker software

To start with, the most anticipated feature of the tool is the change in UAC settings. According to the developer of the tool, running your computer in administrator account brings about a lot of vulnerabilities and other potential security risks. So what this tool does it convert your existing account to a guest account limiting its capabilities and creating another Administrator account, which can be used to perform all the tasks which requires elevated permissions.


It is advised to use the converted guest account for normal activities like browsing, reading emails, downloading content and the administrator account to be used for more advanced purposes like changing system settings or updating Windows.

Anti-Hacker automatically disables ‘Run as Administrator’ in lower user accounts to minimize security threats. Moreover it turns your User Account Control to its highest settings, to clear out all the possibilities of hacking into system.

Next comes the Firewall security fixes, you can go to ‘Windows Firewall’ tab and hit ‘Scan Firewall’ to scan for potential threats and then you can simply patch the security fix and rule out all the possibilities. The tool may set the Firewall to block both inbound and outbound connections so before proceeding with this option you must be aware of the consequences.

Under the ‘Privacy’ tab, you can scan for privacy threats which can again be easily fixed by hitting the Erase Privacy button. Anti-Hacker comes with built-in startup scanner that can provide you with all the programs associated with Windows startup.

For internet banking users, Anti-Hacker is equipped with a virtual keyboard which is completely keylogging proof and can prevent potential key loggers from logging your sensitive information.

Anti-Hacker Keypad

Removing the program is again not such an easy task, I recommend you to go to the help section in the program for more information on removing the software and reverting back your User Accounts settings.

Anti-Hacker is a great security tool and is highly recommended for experienced users, as it needs to be handled with care. You can easily turn your computer hacker-proof with this easy to use freeware.

Click here to download Anti-Hacker.

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  1. TheRedHood

    As great as this program may be, it’s never going to replace good user awareness and a good backup solution. I run Drive Cloner and Rollback Rx on my users machines and it works very well should there ever be an infection.

  2. Jim

    Useless. There is no such thing as “hacker proof”…and if there were, it would not be free.

  3. Dan

    Wanted to have a look at least re keylogging module, hit your “click here” link, but at moment its Hostinger (UK) site says it’s exceeded its CPU limit…no dice to site access or download. Cheers!

  4. Alberto Gorin

    treu and they will find something new you can make it close to hack free.check your computer for a virus i was hacked perhaps had a virus in my system

  5. Alberto Gorin

    thank you

  6. hackerman1

    “Anti-Hacker is a great security tool and is highly recommended for experienced users, as it needs to be handled with care”

    Your statement is contradictive.

    All of us with knowledge and experience don´t need any tools,
    we have already configured the computer with the right settings….

    It´s the inexperienced users who don´t know much about security and how to configure the computer correctly, who might need a program like this….

  7. Matt_Sweeney

    I’m so tired of reviewers of this site just regurgitating the press release of the product. Don’t review products you haven’t comprehensively tested yourself–particularly something as sensitive and important as anti-malware.

    I don’t care how many words you need to write in order to pay your rent. It’s not news. It’s not useful. It’s not journalism.

    It’s a word count in search of a paycheck. Nothing more.

  8. Lavish Thakkar

    Hi Matt,
    We usually discuss the features of a freeware and then leave it to the reader to decide whether he/she wants to use it or not.

  9. Conrad

    “You can easily turn your computer hacker-proof with this easy to use freeware.”

    And yet you spend the whole article talking about warnings, recommending it only for “experienced ” users, and casually throwing in a line about how difficult it is to uninstall.

    Anything that is a hassle to uninstall is a problem, especially for unexperienced users. My recommendation would be to stick to more mainstream and known methods/programs until further notice (Deep Freeze, Malwarebytes, Rollback Rx are a few) and if you like, test this one in a virtual machine.

  10. Sanders

    Speaking of hackers you can trust, I can vouch for to offer you a professional service, I contacted him few months ago and can gladly say I don’t regret it unlike the 2 other hackers I initially contacted, I think you all should try, he helped me gain access to my cheating husbands phone without having access, you can also contact for other hack jobs.

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