Secure Boot, Trusted Boot, Measured Boot in Windows 10


  1. Question is, what does this mean for the people who use a dualboot with different operating systems? Surely that must be a detrimental thing.

  2. Dual boot is only possible as long as u switch off the Secure boot option. Also if you are dual booting it depends on Whether the other boot OS is trusted or Un-trusted. And in case you are trying to dual boot windows 7 with Windows 8 ,both trusted applications there is a problem regarding the firmware. Windows 7 can’t check firmware.
    If you are trying to dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 8 then you need to turn off secure boot in firmware.

  3. Hi Khan,

    In actual behavior, how can we see the measured boot take action?
    For example, if we attach affected USB thumb drive, will the system takes long time to boot or will there be any notification saying that the system is taking action for the affected USB drive?

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