NoBot will detect BOTs, RATs, Keyloggers, Miners and other Malware

Malware can enter your computer for many reasons. It could be outdated antivirus software, download from an untrusted source and many more. NoBot is a portable freeware for Windows computers that will detect BOTs, RATs, Keyloggers, Miners and other Malware. If you are looking for a second opinion standalone anti-malware tool, you may want to check this one out. NoBot uses signatures as well as heuristics to detect malware.

Tool to detect BOT/RAT malware

nobot for windows

NoBot is a simple program and requires no particular set up to run. You just need to download it to your PC and Run it. The main overview is pretty simple and plain with not too many buttons or options. While Home tab will show you information about the program and its version, Scan tab will show you the status of your PC.

The program automatically starts scanning your PC upon launch and gives you the results in a minute or so. The threats found in the san are listed in the box below. You can then go to the list of potential threats found on your PC and take action accordingly. The program, however, performs a very basic scan wherein it scans the common directories. In the first scan, the program scanned only 108 files and 60 registry items. Unlike other such programs, NoBot gives no details about the files and folders scanned.

NoBot is available in free as well as a premium version which obviously has some extra features. It basically has different modes of scan for free and premium users. Free users can Scan registry whereas the premium users can scan for Module Injection, System Startup Task, and Windows Directories.

From the Settings tab, you can select your Scanning options. You can also choose if you want the Scan Log On Restart. The Settings tab also has the direct links to the official website of NoBot, the contact details, etc.

NoBot takes no action on its own, and you manually select the detected thread and remove them. Anything removed accidentally, however, can be restored from the quarantine tab.

The program puts the potential threats in Quarantine, and if you find it false-positive, you can remove it with a single click. It tends to give out false-positives, so you need to be careful before accepting all its findings. However, it is good to use it as a second opinion antivirus scanner.

NoBot free download

You can download it from its home page. Click on the blue Download button on the right side to download the free version.

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  1. Eric

    Malware alarm on NoBotSecurity website. Take care.

    Bitdefender blocked this page

    This page is blocked by Bitdefender Antimalware filter.”

  2. Richard Battin

    Blocked by Microsoft SmartScreen

  3. mlauzon

    Very dangerous piece of software as it detects legitimate apps as dangerous!

  4. Alex

    Great product been using for a couple days now. Do you know if they supply a Version for Mac?

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