SecureAPlus offers a second line of defense against Malware


  1. Being as you wrote “there is still room for improvement” there is no chance that I would install this and trust it implicitly, is there any chance that this can be run along side existing antivirus and malware software installed on ones system?

  2. Comodo Internet Security (CIS) — even the free version — has been offering this for literally YEARS. There’s nothingg new, here.

    And it’s not free, to boot. A free year is not free; it’s just a free year.

    I’m not impressed.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  3. I would not recommend using more than one antivirus on a computer as they often tend to clash. If you are using something and think that it is better than SecureAPlus, better stay with it.

  4. I wasn’t very impressed by SecureAPlus and extremely skeptical when I read about it for the first time. But I decided to give them a chance after I have read their forum in Wilders. Now, I am a strong believer in it’s whitelisting portion. Whatever malware I throw at it, it somehow able to detect and prompt me! I am extremely impressed! No, SecureAPlus is definitely not like Comodo Internet Security as far as whitelisting portion is concerned. It is able to detect what is unknown which I find it pretty amazing! What I like about it is I can just choose the whitelisting installation without the av and it works along fine with my existing Avast free av. What I don’t like about some of the av software is it actually disable my other existing av on my machine. But SecureAPlus doesn’t do that and that’s great!

  5. Yes, yes, there are many products that are free that offer good white listing and av combined. This is a new one, and there will be still more in the future. If you like pepsi, drink pepsi. If you like coke, drink coke. No one particularly cares whether or not you are impressed. Don’t lose any more hair over it, lol.

  6. I thought they didn’t allow anyone younger than age 13 to post around here. Hmm. Must be mistaken. Losing one’s hair can DO that to a guy. [grin]

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  7. Comodo CIS also detects what is unknown… especially via its HIPS (its “Defense+” ), but even in its anti-virus. Comodo’s downfall, in fact, has always been detecting and flagging too much, too often… at least until it’s trained. Its whitelisting is superb; please do not mislead people about at least that. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying CIS is perfect. It has its issues, indeed; but not detecting the unknown, and not appropriately raising the red (or orange) flag about it isn’t one of them.

    Whether or not SecureAPlus is as good or better is another matter. You seem to be suggesting that it’s better, and that’s fine. That you do not really understand Comodo CIS’s capabilities guides us in with how much of a grain of salt to take that assessment.

    In the rest of what you wrote, you’ve failed to disguise your likely affiliation with SecureAPlus… at least if precisely how you wrote it is any indicator. If you’re not affiliated therewith, then my apologies; but if you are, then you really should disclose that…

    …that is, if integrity has any meaning for you. But, again, if I’m wrong, and you’re simply an enthusiastic fan of SecureAPlus, then my apologies.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  8. howdy gregg, give more constructive comment please! Shallow attacks are not welcome here! Go somewhere else man, you are degrading the quality of windows club! What’s wrong with liking a software? Your emotional outburst to JL and Pansy is kinda overdoing man, kinda wonder you are the guilty one. Nope, i don’t have any affiliation with Secureaplus cos’ i can see that coming from your head!

  9. Anand,

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    [sigh] Oh, well. Live and learn, I guess.

    Thanks, Anand.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  10. I recently saw a giveaway of a fifteen-month license for
    SecureAPlus. I decided to give it a try after reading the software description,
    and visiting their website to get over my initial skepticism. This security
    program is not a fly by night, and it isn’t run by a server in someone’s

    SecureAge is the owner, and has offices in multiple
    countries (including the US, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore), and specializes
    mostly in the government and business sectors to provide data security
    solutions. This knowledge alone made me feel better about trying it.

    Then, if you add in the actual specs/features of SecureAPlus,
    it becomes a no-brainer if you’re in need of some extra protection for your
    data. The best way to understand what SecureAPlus is, is to use a traditional
    Pros/Cons listing, followed by my own impressions. So here it goes:


    This is a complete and unique real time solution
    to data security.

    SecureAPlus works and is compatible with other
    antivirus software (if you don’t install the offline antivirus of SecureAPlus).

    It can be configured as first or second line of

    It comes with a free license to test it out for
    yourself (between twelve and fifteen months)

    The license can be extended repeatedly through a
    referral program

    Can be configured to use up to twelve antivirus
    engines AND VirusTotal to check anything and everything that is on your system
    or that you want to download that might be suspicious

    After the first initial scan, subsequent scans
    are very fast (around 1 minute, thanks to cloud scanning)!

    Is interactive and customizable. You can set it
    to ask you to do things or to be autonomous. You also have many options to work
    with in the programs settings for various aspects of the program.

    There is very little impact to system resources
    using SecureAPlus, due to the cloud based nature of its scans.

    One of the few whitelisting applications out
    there (and a very good one too).

    Students can get up to three year licenses (2
    years for being a student, plus an additional year if the school becomes an
    official SecureAPlus partner) for free and extend it through referrals.

    Even if you did pay for it, $22.50 pays for 1
    computer for a year and $40.50 would cover 1 computer for 3 years…very


    Clam av is the offline antivirus component, and
    one of the 12 cloud based engines

    The initial scan of your system takes a long

    Some false positives

    Overall Impressions:

    Addressing the cons first, there are plenty of free
    antivirus options for first line of defense that are adequate more so than
    clam. This gives you the option to not install the clam offline scanner with
    SecureAPlus, but install the rest of it as a very good second line of
    defense. The initial scan is a one-time
    deal so the fact that it takes a long time isn’t a big deal. Most security
    software has a long initial scan and is much faster after that. False positives
    occur with security software of all stripes. I have found that unchecking clam
    as a web scan engine reduces false positives a good bit.

    Taking the above things into account, none of them are deal
    breakers. These are minor gripes that can be worked around (or in the case of
    initial scan, it can be lived with as a one-time thing).

    Getting back to my experience/impression with it, I have had
    it installed and running for about a month now. SecureAPlus checks for and
    updates automatically. Scans are done quickly and silently (Although I opted
    for a scan confirmation of a “nothing found” pop up). When something is found,
    depending on how you configured it, it will ask for your input or handle it
    silently. I have noticed VERY little impact with it running in the system tray,
    or during scans. The whitelist part of this is exceptional! Whitelisting is
    used by the military and governments to secure their systems (usually in the
    form of app locker). Having this sort of protection for your personal data is a
    premium feature lacking in most antivirus programs. There is a very large list
    of common whitelisted software that it uses to judge your system, and from
    there you can elect to whitelist things it finds that aren’t already on the list.
    I like the fact that it has this feature and the cloud 12 engine plus and
    VirusTotal scans to augment the security of my chosen antivirus program. This
    gives me a viable second line of defense that is real time and free (unlike
    most other second line of defense programs which are either free and not real
    time or paid. This saved me a fortune from not having to license SAS or MBAM).
    I was getting some false positives that left me scratching my head at first,
    but after unchecking clam as a cloud engine, I have had very little issue
    since. When I install something or run something that wasn’t in the intitial
    scan, it always blocks it by default and asks permission to install or run; very
    useful for containing crapware or hidden malware. So far, SecureAPlus has found
    a few items that were questionable that webroot (my main AV) missed. I also
    feel much better about my laptop’s security and data integrity, knowing that I
    have a strong main antivirus and a strong second opinion to keep watch.
    SecureAPlus is an excellent security program that closes some potential gaps in
    my windows OS and antivirus program. I find it very effective and have
    confidence that I’m well protected. This is one of the rare security programs
    that is feature laden, light weight, and truly innovative. I would and have
    recommended it to friends and family for their computers. With a twelve to fifteen-month
    freemium license, you really have nothing to lose by testing it out on your own

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