Download Windows Defender Offline Tool


  1. Looks similar to standalone system sweeper tool

  2. Actually it has the same GUI as the recently released Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 Beta with fewer “Settings” (ie. Excluded Files and Locations, Excluded File Types and MAPS membership options) The Antimalware Client version (4.0.1111.0) is the same as is the Engine version (1.17903.0) On an XP machine with 756MB RAM it took under 15 min. to create a CD and about 12 min. to boot and scan 32,000 items. (scan time <9 min.) The MSSSTool used the old Windows Defender GUI. The bootable CD cannot be updated but a USB flash drive can so no need to make another coaster, use a flash drive. Of note is that the RAM requirement is down to 512MB making it more advantageous for those with older XP computers. Also noteworthy is that unlike most betas this is available through Windows Help and How-To as opposed to MS Connect. An interesting discussion is underway,

  3. You’d think that Microsoft would get the wording right. See the screen shot about “If you already have WDO installed on a USB….” The text should say, “… automatically **UPDATE** the definitions” (Not UPLOAD them)

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