Bitdefender Internet Security Review

When it comes to thinking of the complete security of our Windows PC, Bitdefender is the first option that comes to my mind. With the all new Bitdefender Internet Security, you can provide your PC dependable protection and security. The new features of the software are exciting, advanced and quite easy to use.

Bitdefender Internet Security offers something more than Bitdefender Antivirus Plus but a little less than Bitdefender Total Security. Bitdefender Internet Security would serve the purpose of all of us who want powerful protection from malware and want to keep their online identity safe. Bitdefender Internet Security completely protects your PC from phishing websites too. Let us have a look at this security software.

Bitdefender Internet Security Review

The web installer of the Bitdefender Internet Security is sized around 2.9 MBs, which further downloads the software on your PC. The installation is very easy and fast. There are no next buttons, just double-click the setup file, accept the EULA license agreement, and you are done. The software installs in very little time, and during the installation, it disables all the Windows stock antivirus and firewalls and scans your PC for malware.

After the installation process, you can see the elegantly and perfectly designed UI of the software. There are six modules arranged perfectly in a slider. Above the slider there is the basic status of your PC, from here you can even manage events, settings and you can even switch through two different modes.

The Antivirus of this security suite is highly rated. Depending on your needs, it scans your PC in 5 different modes, viz. Quick Scan, System Scan, Custom Scan, Vulnerability Scan, and Rescue Mode. In the Quick Scan mode, the antivirus will take about a minute to scan the important parts of your system. This would include the Windows installation folder, the startups, the memory and so in. The System Scan option will scan the complete system for virus and malware. This mode is very powerful and it is the best option if you fear that your computer has been infected.

In the Custom Scan mode, you can choose the particular files and folders you want to be scanned. You can completely customize antivirus scan features in this mode. You can choose the security levels, after-scan options, scan priorities and the scan window state.

Finally you have the Vulnerability Scan, where the software will scan your PC for critical Windows Updates, application updates and check whether all the passwords stored in your computer are strong or weak. If any updates for your PC are found, Bitdefender will automatically prompt you to do the needful.

In the Rescue Mode, your PC will restart and you will be booted to the Rescue Mode of the security suite. You can remove malware in this mode and repair your PC here.

Bitdefender Internet Security also has a powerful anti-spam functions, which mean, you can block or allow different websites and email address that can be opened or viewed on PC. Allowed email IDs are named as ‘Friends’ and blocked email IDs are named as ‘Spammers’. The anti-spam features prevent you from opening spam and malicious email and therefore enhances the protection of your PC.

The software comes with a File Shredder utility that can be used to completely remove or erase any sensitive file from your PC. Remember once deleted; the files can’t be brought back by any file recovery utility.

The Firewall of the security suite is great and passes most tests. It protects you from all unknown connections with the internet, and it also shows you the stealth, bandwidth and some other settings for your internet connection. It helps in maintaining your identity online and protects you from unknown connections. The firewall displays the incoming and outgoing network activity and the connection type and the connecting device of your computer. You can manage firewall settings from that window itself. You can also change your network type to Stealth mode and ‘Generic’ here.

The auto update feature keeps your software up to date at all times. The download size of the updates is small, and the updates are frequently offered.

One important and interesting feature in Bitdefender Internet Security is Safego. Safego is a web service that protects your social networks from spam. To protect your Facebook/Twitter accounts you need to create a Bitdefender account and connect Safego with Facebook. Once connected it will show you all the activities in your social account and prompt you if any spam or fraudulent activity is discovered in your account. This feature lets you keep your social accounts safe and protected.

Bitdefender also offers many other web services such as Anti-Theft solution. Bitdefender Anti-Theft app can be installed on any device, and you can always track your device from the web interface, in case it is lost or stolen. Anti-theft also protects your personal and important information stored in your device. Twitter protection is also available, and Bitdefender Internet Security remote functions are also accessible from the Web Interface.

Bitdefender Internet Security is a perfect security suite with a lot of additional features such as Safego, Anti-theft, etc. It provides your PC full protection and full security.

Bitdefender Internet Security Giveaway

Bitdefender Internet Security costs $49.95, but the company has been kind enough to give us 5 licenses to be distributed to TWC readers. To win a license, simply share this post on any social networking site of your choice, and share its status URL here. The more you share, the more your chances. If you do not use any social site, you may tell us in the comments why you need this software.

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The giveaway will close after 10 days. If you do not wish to wait for the giveaway, but want to purchase a license right away, you can buy Bitdefender Internet Security from Amazon right away.

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