How to protect against and prevent Ransomware attacks & infections


  1. good post !”!! i have a little portable 1 TB hard drive i keep everything backed up on so hopefully i never get stung !!

  2. Gmail automatically blocks all executable files, might not be everyone’s favorite but it does add another layer of protection.

  3. A very good post. You have given clear concise instructions on prevention. I have CryptoPrevent (paid version) installed on my 3 PC’s and have installed it (free version) onto friends PC’s as well. There will be more and more infections like this in the coming months and it is vital that we pass on this information to others and warn them about just how serious it is.

    The only real way to deal with an infection like this is to have a good clean back-up image, of the OS AND your Documentsphotosmusic etc. Make certain that this image is stored onto an external hard drive and KEPT AWAY from your PC(s). By doing this youwe will be able to at least revert back to a clean state if the unthinkable happens.

    If you have a NAS device then remove “Drive Mapping” and make certain that you have it set so that you have to input the password to access it every-time. If you use the likes of Sky-Drive then also ensure that you also log out of this each time you finish using it.

    And remember BACKUP – BACKUP and BACKUP yet again.

  4. An excellent article with good solid advice, its a must read & have shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to read, everybody should share it on their Facebook page, the more its shared the better.

  5. Please keep in mind that your Backup is useless if it’s accessible.
    As long as the share is accessible from your user account everything in it can be encrypted.

    There are two ways to secure your backups.

    1. Physical segregation
    2. Password protected backup target or really tight restrictions.

    In my case, i’ve set up an extra user who’s only used by my backup software and only this user have access to the backup target.
    Never my personal account.

  6. WinAntiransom Plus+ by the makers of Winpatrol is top notch. They have switched to a yearly subscription model but got mine when it first came out on the cheap, lifetime license for 5 pc’s. I don’t think I have used anything better before or after.

  7. Hi…there….today i haked by cryptolocker…i don’t know that what to do now…so installed a new immediately …and now …i don’t have any backup…So please help me to open my data again

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