What to do after a Ransomware attack on your Windows computer?


  1. hello sir… I am in a serious problem sir. I need your help badly sir. My system has been attacked by Zepto ransomeware and they are demanding 2.5BTC. I am not in the condition to pay that much of amount. I am from India sir. I am a student. My all the files has been changed to .zepto extension. Now, exam is ahead means only 6 days left and all my files and documents are in my system. I am lost and at the crossroad. I don’t know what to do sir. Just want to ask you that is it possible to recover the data after formatting in the original status. Means if I will format my system and recover data through recovery software than will it be ok sir. If it is so than plz tell me sir. Just give me 1 minute of your valuable time and mail me that “Yes, you can recover data” to my mail drkedarsoc@gmail.com. Otherwise all my hardwork for getting a job will be in vain sir. The last minute reference is very much important for me for my life. Thank you in advance sir.

  2. Sorry to hear about your problems. Currently it’s not possible to decrypt files encrypted by Zepto ransomware (a Locky variant). But it may be possible to recover previous versions of the files using ShadowExplorer, System Restore or some good data recovery software. But there are no guarantees – so you will have to take chance.

  3. I am really happy after reading this article. Well i need a little help from you guys. My laptop was affected by this ransomware and i successfully remove that. But my files ( pic , documents , videos etc ) all are not opening. Even after changing the windows everything is same. Kindly recommend me any tool or software to open those data again . thanks
    Kindly send me email or reply me

  4. Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system, either by locking the system’s screen or by locking the users’ files

  5. Not what to do AFTER ransomware attack but how to PREVENT it. People need to start thinking ahead of this thing cause there is a lot to do after your computer got infected. For me the best thing is Impedio Security, even after the ransomware attacks it does excellent job with getting rid of it from your computer and getting all of your files back. But it’s maximum protection, there’s smaller chance of this attack with security software than with some antivirus or just with being careful.. Sometimes you are very much careful and yet somehow ransomware find its way and everything you’ve got on your PC is gone :/

  6. Very Informative post and most important all above mentioned point very useful actionable advice!

  7. hi sir
    recently i got attacked by hermes ransomeware , as suggest , i have factory resetted my pc ,but am afraid if my data will leaked or used wrongly . i too have backup but thats not an big issue , my family members are afraid of data leakage its have some minor data like national id card . please help me regarding this sir

  8. hi sir
    recently i got attacked by hermes ransomware , as suggest in our article i have formatted / factory reset my pc since its new one , but am afraid because its have some few files and my scanned photo and scanned copy of important id card 🙁 will it create any issue later on sir , kindly reply me as early as possible sir

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