CryptoSearch identifies Ransomware-encrypted files & transfers them to a new location

It would be a difficult thing to imagine, but the first Ransomware in the history emerged in the year 1989. This Ransomware was called AIDS Trojan. The AIDS Trojan spread via floppy disks and involved sending 189 dollars to a post office box in Panama to pay the ransom. Time has now changed drastically, as cybercriminals have moved from cyber damage to cyber-crime as a business. Ransomware has over time emerged as the go-to malware to feed the cyber criminals who seek to cash out on their efforts.


The attacks of ransomware have been growing with a rapid speed. What does a ransomware attack mean in general? It simply means you can no longer have access to your system or stored files unless you pay the huge ransom money or find another way to decrypt them.

Michael Gillespie, an immensely popular security researcher, has now come up with this excellent Windows app which helps victims of ransomware infections. Let me introduce you to CryptoSearch.

CryptoSearch identifies Ransomware encrypted files

Developed by Michael Gillespie, this tool identifies the files encrypted by numerous types of ransomware families and provides the user with an option to copy or move the files to a new location. Again, this is done with the optimism that decrypter can recover the locked files.

CryptoSearch is not a ransomware decryptor tool or an anti-ransomware software. It is a tool which acts as a recovery and cleaning utility for Systems which have been infected with ransomware. When ransomware attacks happen, it becomes impossible for the PC user to detect all the locked files, hence the best course of action would be to move all the encrypted data to a backup drive and further wait until the experts find the solution to break the encryption.

How does CryptoSearch help

  1. Automates Search Process & Movement Of Files

This tool helps the user by automating the search process and movement of the files to a new location. Once this operation is completed, the System owners have a backup of the infected encrypted data. CryptoSearch also helps to clean the PC by removing the infected files from the system, cleaning the hard drive and reinstalling the Operating System.


  1. CryptoSearch & ID Ransomware Work Together

CryptoSearch and ID Ransomware actually work together this means that the user needs to be online when executing this application. According to Michael Gillespie, the CryptoSearch app will query the ID Ransomware service to retrieve the required data and also to identify the type of ransomware which has made the user’s computer inaccessible.

The ID Ransomware tool ensures that it recognizes all the latest ransomware types and also detects their encrypted files. To put in simple words, it doesn’t really matter which ransomware attacks your device, as long the description of the ransomware is available on ID Ransomware database the user will be able to use CryptoSearch without any problems.

  1. Copy, Move or Relocate Encrypted Data

CryptoSearch app uses the user’s database to search the local file System, identify the ransomware infection and further find all locked files. After this app identifies all the types of files successfully, the PC user is asked if he wants to copy or move files and then asked where to relocate encrypted data, this message is prompted via the menu. The tool is very smart as it allows the user to transfer the files by keeping the initial folder structure.

Like the other attacks, users can work to avoid ransomware. Here are some expert tips to avoid ransomware attacks and get protected against it.

  • Use trusted antivirus software and firewall
  • Take regular backup of your system files
  • Block all Popups as these are a common tactic used by cyber criminals
  • Avoid clicking on links inside emails, and visiting suspicious websites. Exercising caution is a good way to be protected
  • Simply disconnect from the Internet if you receive a ransomware note. This ensures your personal data isn’t getting transmitted back to the criminals.


CryptoSearch is an awesome remedy for the victims of ransomware. The users of computers have been terrorized for years now, and CryptoSearch may just provide enough support if not the complete solution. Please note that this program does not decrypt data. Offline mode support has also been added to this tool.

Currently, this tool is under development, which means that soon more features of this app will arrive. You can also download the CryptoSearch tool from

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