Free Anti-Ransomware software for Windows computers


  1. You forgot to mention WinAntiRansom+ from the makers of WinPatrol which is probable better than all the ones listed above.

  2. No GOOD anti-ransom software is free, the free ones listed above are mediocre at best. Besides Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware may be free during beta testing but I can assure you once out of beta it will not be free by any means. If one wants to make absolutely sure they are protected from Ransomware, go with a paid solution. New ransomware is created everyday.

  3. I am inclined to disagree. There are many good tools out there which are totally free. One doesn’t HAVE to pay to be able to use a good tool. I am currently using the first one, but found that the others are good too. But then – each to his own. 🙂

  4. Agree with Ed for paid choice, but seconding your opinion on free! BTW, since December 2015 HitmanPro is now a Sophos company; though I’d never had any malware for my HMP scanners to remove, thus not triggering the then-30 day period for “buy or become useless”, since December 2015 every HMP free tool insists my “trial” expired and thus only scans…no chance of removals of malware (if any) unless I pay. Still, it’s a good second-opinion scanner and even if there’s no malware it finds cookies a user might not even know are hanging around. Besides usual Emsisoft/Comodo riggings, I’m using MBAM anti-ransomeware beta; doesn’t conflict with other stuff (so far), seems to be functioning but I’ve never hit a ransomware attempt with it in the wild yet. Cheers!

  5. The we shall agree to disagree.
    There are anti-ransom software’s that protect against only known variants of ransomware, these are your free versions. Then there are those that protect against both known and unknown variants of ransomware, these are your paid versions ie: WinAntiRansom+
    Therefore IMO the paid option will keep you safer.

  6. Mr.Khanse,between Cyberfox and Firefox which one would you prefer and what add-ons of Firefox would you recommend with their best configurations?Thanks,

  7. has anybody heard or seen a ransomeware that converts all files to .mp3 ? If so, how does one get rid of it ? ps It’s not on this computer !

  8. Um, CryptoPrevent, has been best since day 1 and still is, with the USER choosing the level of protection. IN THE FREE VERSION. Saved many of my clients and still protects us all.

  9. I have tried this software but you need back up files not infected in order to decrypt infected files.

    I want all my files decrypted with their original name
    do you think the hacker which wants 300 USD can do this ?

    I have sent to him 5 encrypted files ( pdf, jpg, flac, mp3) because I want he proves he was able to do it but he has only decrypted the jpg file and I’m not sure what he did with the other files….

  10. got the solution. Emsisoft decrypter for Globe 2

    fortunately this virus do not encrypt folders so I can see their original name and go to the internet and re-download the same file in order to get a backup to activate this software

  11. Dude. Only thing this tool does is set policies and make sure you can’t run executables from %appdata%…
    These things can be set really easily by your self.
    So no shouting is needed, thank you.

  12. Also Ranstop is worth a look. It is a new technology that along with detecting and blocking ransomware also protects files in real time. So in case a ransomware infection occurs, you can get your files back without paying ransom.

  13. Hi Anand, you are correct, at the moment it is a beta version which can be used for free for a period of time and also extended for free if required. We have not yet released this commercially so pricing aspects are not settled. However, we surely plan to have a completely free version of this program with limited functionality (file protection – as in “smart real-time backup”- will not be free, most probably) that will provide value to users (include reactive ransomware detection and blocking).

  14. Well, disabling the simple routes of all ransomware, i think is probably the most intelligent thing anyone owning a computer in this day and age could do, so whatever.

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