RansomFree is a free Ransomware protection software for Windows PC

Cybereason RansomFree is a powerful free software that offers strong ransomware protection and prevention capabilities, to protect your Windows PC. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and it is imperative that you protect your Windows computer from this new form of malware. All our readers may be familiar with Ransomware and how it encrypts your data and then demands a ransom amount to give you access to your own data. While having regular backups, using a strong Internet Security Suite and taking other steps to prevent ransomware installed may help, having a ransomware protection software will further harden your PCs security.

We have already taken a look at several anti-ransomware software. Today we will take a look at the newly released RansomFree software.

Free Ransomware protection software

Free Ransomware protection software

RansomFree comes to you from Cybereason, a company formed by elite former military cybersecurity experts. It is designed to stop never-before-seen type of ransomware, by placing specially crafted files in several locations on your computer. The software uses these decoy files whose names start with names that will appear in the first spot in a list. When the ransomware starts encrypting these files, the tool will be alerted.

RansomFree uses behavioral analysis to offer protection against local encryption, encryption of files on a network drive or shared drives, and catches stand-alone ransomware programs as well as file-less ransomware.

This ransomware protection software promises protection against 99% of ransomware strains and it has been proven to be quite effective against Locky, Cryptowall, TeslaCrypt, Jigsaw,  Cerber and other forms of ransomware. It will also offer you protection against future ransomware strains – as RansomFree will evolve along with the ransomware strains.

Once you have downloaded its installer, run it and install it. The installation is quick and clean – and once it is completed, you will see a screen welcoming you to Cybereason RansomFree. That is it! There is no UI!

The tool places itself in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Cybereason\RansomFree folder and installs a RansomFree Sevice which runs in the background, using near-nil resources.

Once RansomFree is running, it will use behavioral analysis to detect ransomware and suspend any activity that it finds suspicious. It will watch the way an application interacts with files, and when it detects ransomware behavior, it will immediately stop the activity and throw up an alarm popup and asks you if you want to stop and clean the threat or allow the activity.

If you select Yes, the tool will stop and clean the threat immediately. If you are hit again by the same type of ransomware already detected by RansomFree, RansomFree will follow your previous actions and stop and clean the threat automatically without alerting you. If you click No, the process will be allowed to run.

You will also be able to see its icon in the Notification Area. Right-clicking on the icon offers you several options.


RansomFree download

You can download the RansomFree anti ransomware tool from its home page. It works on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server versions 2012/2008 R2.

UPDATE: RansomFree is no longer supported or available for download.

TIP: Since this freeware is not available, you may check out BitDefender Anti-Ransomware.

RansomFree tool looks pretty good, and it will make a worthy addition to your arsenal, in your fight against Ransomware. But it will not help you in case you are already infected with ransomware. In this case, you will have to make use of one of these Ransomware Decryptor Tools.

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  1. Rob

    This is intriguing but I have to wonder what the motivation is to give away software like this…not that they couldn’t just be a group of people who honestly care about fighting ransomware.

  2. Alberto Gorin

    download it and share with carey holzman

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