AppCheck Anti-ransomware protects your Windows against ransomware attacks

While Ransomware has always been a problem, it rose to notoriety after the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017. Since then, protecting systems from the problem has been a priority for both system manufacturers and security experts. There are several free anti-ransomware tools available in the market – today we will take a look at AppCheck Anti-ransomware.

AppCheck Anti-RansomwareAppCheck anti-ransomware review

AppCheck Anti-ransomware from CheckMal prevents, detects and recovers damaged files from ransomware with the next generation context awareness ransomware behavior detection engine. The free version has some limitations – but they should matter to the regular Windows home user. Let us take a look at what AppCheck Free (Personal) version offers.

The features of the free version are as follows:

1] Proactive Protection from ransomware and file damaging behavior

A typical ransomware will lock your data till you pay the ransom. If you are unable to log on to the machine, you cannot recover the data you backed up through the usual process. AppCheck helps in detecting known ransomware behavior on your system and rolls back changes using CARB Engine. This is different from the usual backup and works despite the system being affected by the ransomware.

2] RansomShelter

The RansomShelter feature helps backup files from time to time. While we already have an option to backup files in Windows, this is different. It protects the backed up data in the event on a ransomware attack, unlike the usual backup.

3] Self Protection

Now that AppCheck is processing your system’s data, what if the ransomware attacks the AppCheck application in itself? Thus, other than securing your system, AppCheck is conscious about saving its own files.

4] MBR/GPT Protection

The toughest ransomware attacks are those which affect the MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table) of the system, thus making it difficult to reuse the system in any manner. AppCheck protects the system from the same thus thwarting almost any attempt by ransomware to hijack your system.

Using it is very simple. Just install the setup on your system and make sure that Real-Time Protection and MBR Protection are ON. AppCheck also has a log viewer to keep track of the threats mitigated.

You can download the AppCheck Anti-ransomware application from here. Scroll down till you see the link for AppCheck Free (Personal) version.

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