Identify Ransomware which has infected your computer


  1. if you have ransomware and your computer locked
    meaning windows,can you format windows or sit it in your hard drive ?

  2. Formatting the computer will usually completely get rid of the ransomware. that is why backups are important to protect yourself from this type of malware.

  3. thank you.i ask this to call frad help desk they did t answer me,so fair only was some one hacked in to mi bank account,never got ransormware,thank you

  4. It’s easy to get scared and people often are much more willing to pay for ransom then to prevent it from infecting your PC. I’ve never had this issues, started with antivirus but now with ransomware getting much stronger and smarter people need to be aware that only antivirus is not always going to help you. I would recommend for all of you guys Impedio Security. It’s not only antivirus, it’s security software with shields created exactly for ransomware. They scan and look for threats all day long so it’s always updated and you don’t need to worry that some new kind of ransomware will attack, Impedio got this covered!

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