What is Socially Engineered Malware? Precautions to take.

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  1. I agree that IE11 and Chrome are pretty good insofar as phishing protection; and if you use GMail, even if an email has all the sender identification of a real company but there’s a Google banner at top warning they haven’t been able to verify it came from that sender so “be careful!”, go ahead and delete it no matter how captivating it might sound.

    A couple of months ago I started getting unsolicited inquiries of my availability from for what all possible purposes appeared to be from a USA east coast well-regarded tech recruiting firm; they kept sending but each one had a Google “be careful!” warning; they never wanted more personal info than they claimed they got from online resume postings they’d found, instead just wanting to know if you’re interested and is pay adequate; they said they’d attempt to arrange an interview with their local client, but then you’d not hear for a week or two; in that time, I’d start to get calls (from people with same foreign accent as the “recruiters”) alleging to be everything from the IRS with warrants to Wells Fargo bank, callers saying they’d tracked me via my contacts with the “recruiters”; I’d offer to patch them through to my regional IRS/FBI or attorney, and I guess their connections dropped. Around the holidays, I got some more emails asking if my “candidature” was still available; intrigued by this new business English from a USA tech firm, I said I’d like to discuss further but would need to fly at my own expense to their east coast offices, could they please give me a name and suite number as well as appointment; since then not a peep back. Another thing…they never mentioned their client’s identity.

    Again, IE 11 and Chrome are pretty good browser defense to phishing as you surf, and GMail is pretty fair defense to modern con artists getting very slick at sifting social media for artful email schemes with more aggressive phishers. Cheers!

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