How to Block Junk, Spam and Unwanted mail in

Many email service providers gift their users daily with unwanted emails which are at best, annoying and at worst, malicious! Most of these unwanted emails are from advertising companies, which either promises to make us rich quickly or offer us the liberty to work from home. No matter what their real intention is, their nature is always considered as ‘Spam’, forcing us to delete them.

One can easily beat this problem with some work. Microsoft’s latest web mail service – offers its users a multitude of different ways to block these email messages, regarded as junk-emails. For instance, the service lets you build a list of blocked contacts. Any email account that you find suspicious can be easily added to this blocked list to stop receiving emails from it.

Add Email IDs to block list in

  • To do the needful, login to your account first.
  •  Then, click on the ‘Settings’ icon and choose ‘More mail settings’ option.
  • From ‘preventing junk email’ menu, choose the second option i.e., ‘Safe and Blocked Senders‘.
  • Click on the mentioned link and from the available options displayed, select ‘Blocked senders’ highlighted in blue.
  • Here, you can add the email accounts to be blocked. All the email ID’s added to the blocked list will be automatically deleted from your inbox. If you find any email ID of importance that has been added to the blocked list, you can remove it by clicking ‘Remove from list’ tab.

Block content from unknown senders

  • As I mentioned earlier, the service offers multitude of different ways to block unwanted emails. One can create a ‘Safe Senders‘ list too, if required. The option is visible under ‘Safe and blocked’ senders menu of ‘Preventing Junk email’ – 2nd screen-shot.
  • By creating this list, you allow only certain email addresses or domains into your inbox. Just enter the address in the box provided there, and hit ‘Add to list’ tab.
  • Then, choose the desired option under ‘Block content from unknown senders’ heading.
  • The ‘Block content from unknown senders’ list can be accessed from ‘Filters and reporting’ menu that too is present under ‘Preventing junk email’ option. Checkout the second screen-shot again!

This is how you can customize settings for blocking some email accounts in

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  1. peter

    what i want to know is how to block the same sites that continually change their domain name.

    e.g. canadian pharmacy,ppi claims,credit cards and a host of others..
    how do i stop these?

  2. Sarman1

    Blocking senders does not work very well. They keep on sending, may-be they change something in the address but all of my experiences indicate that Outlook is very weak when it comes to keeping spammers out.

  3. Johnny Charles Grinter

    My dad has lots of problems with spam and it isn’t good enough.

  4. Chlorobule

    You need to create customized rules. Some companies will change slightly the email address, if there’s something similar between them, you put that part in the rules. Or if it’s always about the same object, then you put that object in the rules… It’s seriously annoying.
    I have several mail boxes on different sites, and Microsoft is one of the most unsafe, or one of the most targeted.

    Stop giving your e-mail address to a lot of sites, or to a lot of people/stores.
    You should also check in your sent messages to see if you didn’t/don’t get hacked and send the spam junk to people.
    Block people, create customizable rules, a lot of them if need to.
    If you can switch your email address or the site (like go to gmail or something else), do it. Start from scratch.

  5. Tuatha

    The ‘Block content from unknown senders option does not exist anymore.

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