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Cannot open Hyperlinks in Outlook email on Windows 10

Cannot open Hyperlinks in Outlook email on Windows 10

When using a product like Microsoft Outlook, when you click on a hyperlink, it will try to open in the default browser which is the Edge browser. At times it fails to open any link on any Microsoft product in […]

Specified logon session does not exist

Outlook error – Specified logon session does not exist

When working with Microsoft Outlook on your Windows 10 PC, you receive server message A specified logon session does not exist; It may already have been terminated for long periods, then this post may help you. This message can also […]

How to enable Email Read Receipt in Outlook

How to enable Email Read Receipt in Outlook

Just as we can set our phones to received Delivered receipt messages for SMS Text message, you can also get Delivery and Read receipts for an email in Microsoft Outlook. Here, a Delivery receipt confirms that the message was successfully […]

How to make Gmail look like Outlook

Gmail and Outlook are the two popular email services preferred by most of us today. Both the email service has grown significantly over the period of time and continues to grow. Choosing one among the two email service provider is […] is not receiving or sending emails

Some users of the popular online email service,, have been complaining as of late about a problem where is no longer receiving or sending emails for some strange unknown reason. To be completely honest, we’re not sure of […]

How to sync Outlook and Gmail contacts

Today we will take a look at free tools that will allow you to sync Google contacts between your Gmail and Outlook accounts. These tools are perfect for syncing contacts for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts. […]

How to set up auto CC & BCC in Gmail and Outlook

During email composition, CC (Carbon Copy) and  BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) are the two commonly used fields which are used by most of us to send the copies of an email to additional people who are concerned with the information […]

How to turn off Joyful Animations in Outlook Web App

A relatively new feature in the is Joyful Animations. The feature adds animation to words conveying expressions like greetings, compliments, and felicitations in your email. Although good, not all of us may like it. So, if you prefer to […]

edit-Outlook-received email

How to edit received email in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides you with an option to edit received emails in Outlook. The changes you make on the received email will be saved locally for your references and would not reflect the change in the email for the sender […]

delete search history from Outlook

How do you delete Search History from

Maintaining privacy online is essential. It has become even more vulnerable more than ever. Although, you can minimize your online footprint by using encrypted services, taking necessary steps to avoid everyone profiling you. In today’s post, we’ll explain how to […]