Ransomware protection in Windows 10


  1. I take it the improved SmartScreen protection will activate with any browser not just Edge.
    This ransomware threat is very real, I have a friend I consider computer savvy
    get infected and this proactive stance by Microsoft is most welcome.

    Great rundown as usual, Anand. I was unaware of much already in
    place with the Anniversary Update including cloud protection.

  2. My plan is to restore with a RollBack snapshot, or if that doesn’t work (which hasn’t been the case), a disk image.

    Good write up as per usual.

  3. Just use a Cloud Service that has file versioning setup by default, make daily backups and if the cloud is infected, just go back to previous version of the file.

  4. In the new Controlled folder access, if one decides to rearrange these folder, is it possible to disable Controlled folder access and re-enable it after one edits the folders?

  5. Hello Robert,

    Okay well i have been using computers my whole 34 year life, in a country in Africa, since my father was a programmer and started programming using punch cards, and therefore computers were a part of life, i also used to go with him to change the “tapes” for backups, which back then were huge tape rolls, say between 30 – 60cm in diameter depending on the client. Even then with duplicated HDD’s, tiny 50mb or whatever drives, each client still changed the roll every morning and every night.

    My point is too many backups is never enough… So having an off site, cloud backup with an easy Google Folder Sync, for example, as an extra can never hurt. Just always use a totally different UN and PW for the cloud account, and the software running the backup/sync software, so that the RANSOMWARE does not just sync and encrypt that too.

    I would also say rather only do a daily sync, not a continuous, so that you have an emergency backup.

  6. Hello, Alan, I do agree. You cannot have too many backups when disaster strikes.

    An online and local solution makes sense. I only run local backups manually
    too after verifying the files are uninfected (ransomeware specifically).
    In the past I had external drives always connected automatically
    backing up several times a day which is not safe to do today.

    I also have terabytes of data to deal with so even any
    online backup for me would have be selected files.

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