How to delete undeletable & locked files, folders in Windows


  1. I tested a few weeks ago and worked good, however had to do the steps like 3 or 4 times before it worked.

  2. 1. i choise to show unlocker in “send to” menu, and not in the main menu, for performance. (you can change it in settings, and at installed.
    2. is there times, that unlocker not work (i mean, can’t delete), so i use delete of is360, it’s very good delete tool. but i like more unlocker because it’s quicker, and because…
    3. if you not change it (delete from start up menu), unlocker jump a window when delete or name changing are faild!

  3. My IE8 is reporting that the unlocker site.

    “Reported Unsafe Website: Navigation Blocked”

    I have continued through though.

  4. This utility did in seconds what I have been trying to do off and on for months. Absolutely excellent and highly recommended. Thank you

  5. I also got this error thrice so i have searched many softwares and methods for these kind of errors. Finally I found one software called Long Path Tool which is solution for such kind of errors.

  6. Had files that presumably generated from an old virus that just could not be deleted. Unlocker removed it withing seconds.

  7. still unable to delete an image which can’t be opened too it says “The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Specify a different file name.”

  8. Still didn’t work with unlocker even after restart. Since I installed windows 10. Unlocker or any other program for the same purpose has completely stopped working and undeletable files became truly undeletable save for format.

  9. Gregg, like you, I use unlocker a lot. Now sometimes I find that I simply am unable to unlcok and delete a file. Strangely, maybe 48 or 70 hours later, it is unlocked. What I could not unlock one day is unlocked three or four days later. Do you know anything as far as why this happens? Advise. Best!

  10. The same happens with me, too but I’ve never used Unlocker. A file or folder that resists to be deleted, a few hours later after rebooting can be deleted. Windows is weird 🙂

  11. Try This Method i just learned that is a lifesaver …..

    ? Note: You have to have “Winrar” in order to do this.

    #1). Right click on the undeleted folder.

    #2). Archive the undeleted folder “as if you’re going to zip/rar the undeleted folder as a rar file.

    #3). In Archiving Options > Check the box for “Delete files after Archiving” Winrar will delete this folder itself from Archiving.

    This will delete the undelete folder for good. You’re going to thank ne for this!
    (You’re Welcome!)

  12. Download the last version Unlocker 1.9.2. This is a GREAT program really!! I downloaded other programs like Lockhunter and IObit Unlocker they did not manage to delete a video mkv file that was impossible to delete. I failed alone, and these 2 programs failed also. But this program didn’t and I am still very surprised and happy, that is why I took the time to post here so you can have my feedback….this is a great help, really, and this program will help certainly many many people in the future. THANKS so much Unlocker!

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