VoodooShield: Free malware protection software for Windows

Anti-virus programs running on your system may fail to offer complete protection from browser-based viruses and malware.  A program then, simply capable of blocking all executable code can provide you relief in such cases. This ensures, every time an executable (may be malware file) wants to run, your permission is needed. Hereafter, you can allow only “whitelisted” programs to run and block others that are not. VoodooShield is one security program that may come across as viable option when you intend to do so. It is a free anti-executable security software to protect your Windows PC from malware and offers HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention.

VoodooShield Virus Protection review

VoodooShield review

The paid version of VoodooShield Virus Protection is now available as a freeware for non-commercial use. It must be remembered this is the early version of freeware. The program might get updated, soon along with a user log and whitelist editor.

The tool is designed to be a better alternative to the Microsoft Windows User Account Control (UAC) that notifies you when changes are going to be made to your computer. Although it is compatible with UAC, VoodooShield works best with UAC disabled, and on computers whose user accounts run as administrator. During installation, VoodooShield will disable UAC so it can run in an optimal state.

Once turned on, the program will protect your status quo and not allow anything new to run. If something new does attempt to run, you will be notified and your permission will be sought to allow it or not.

When installed, the lightweight application resides as an icon in the system tray.


There, upon right-clicking the icon, you get 3 modes namely,

  1. Training: VoodooShield is off in this mode and incapable of offering any sort of protection to your computer.
  2. Smart Mode: VoodooShield is still off but protects your computer against programs run from the user space.
  3. Always On: The program is up and running and capable of blocking any program from running that is not whitelisted or in the Windows folder or installed software.

Two points are to be noted.

Firstly, the free edition doesn’t allow changes in the program’s advanced options – so you just cannot manage directories you want to be whitelisted. Secondly, the program automatically whitelists everything in the Windows folder. This, gives Voodoo shield a minus because, even if the malware file resides in your Windows folder, it will be allowed to run since VoodooShield defines that folder as whitelisted, automatically.

VoodooShield does require a bit of tweaking, but the devlopers of the application promise to make the changes ready shortly. If you would like to check this freeware out, visit this link.

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