Add Search with Google to Edge browser right-click context menu

Most web browsers support a functionality in the right-click context menu that allows you to quickly send a search item to your favorite search engine. The search engine then displays results in a new tab which can either be a focused tab or a background tab depending on the option configured by the user. Microsoft Edge browser, however, does not support this feature – not even for Bing. However, if you wish, you can add the Search with Google option to the right-click context menu of Microsoft Edge browser, by using this extension.

Add Search with Google to Edge context menu

add search with google to edge

By default, Microsoft Edge browser lets users install extensions only from the Windows Store. Google Context Menu Edge is not available in Windows Store – you will have to download it from GitHub.

To install extensions that are not downloaded from the Windows Store, you need to enable Developer Mode in Edge.

This post will show you how to enable extension developer features & install Edge extension from outside Windows Store.

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It is important that you load extensions only from sources that you trust completely, lest you end up compromising your Windows computer.

Once you have enabled the extension developer features via its browser configuration settings page, restart the browser and visit this link at Github. When there, click on the green Clone or Download button and download the zip file. Extract it contents to your desktop.

Now launch the Edge browser again, click menu chose Extensions and then, select ‘Load extension‘ option.

Browse to the Google Search extension folder and select the folder to add the extension to your Edge browser. Choose “Turn on Anyway” when prompted for an action.

When done, just select any text, and right-click it. The context menu will feature ‘Search with Google’ option. Click on it and Google will open in a new tab with the search results.

There is a possibility, you might need to enable the extension, every time you launch Edge browser since, it is an unverified extension. Apart from this, the extension has another shortfall – if the text selected contains any punctuation mark or has a symbol in it, everything following it will be discarded.

Not having support for popular features, hurts the browser’s ability to compete with other popular alternative browsers, so we hope that Microsoft adds the needed features to Edge soonest.

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