New features in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10 and it has been a year since it got released. It uses EdgeHTML as the web rendering engine and allows us to do more on the web with its built-in Cortana, reading tools and note-taking features. As a whole Microsoft Edge provides more efficient, more secure, faster, productive and more compatible experience to all Windows 10 users. Most awaited features like support for extensions, notifications from websites, pinning tabs and much more got added to Microsoft Edge in the latest Windows 10 version 1607.

New features in Edge browser

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update, apart from adding new features to Microsoft Edge, major improvements like security and power efficiency were also done. Microsoft Edge is said to be the first web browser to score perfect 100% on Without any ado, let us look at new features of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 version 1607.

Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser

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Based on the request from many users, Microsoft allows you to install extensions in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 v1607 and later. You can see the “Extensions” option in the browser and can install extensions from the Windows Store. As of now extensions like Pin it, Amazon, Pocket, Office Online, Evernote, LastPass and more are available to install in Microsoft Edge to enhance your browsing experience.

Most Accessible Browser Ever

Microsoft Edge Browser got updated with the assistive technologies in Anniversary update of Windows 10. It has become the most accessible browser with the score of perfect 100% on Microsoft confirms many improvements and bug fixes were done which makes it easy to navigate with a keyboard. Assistive technologies like better support for PDF files, screen readers, address bar suggestions, instant answers and improvements for daily browsing features like favorites, windows and tabs were also added.

Pinned Tabs

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Microsoft Edge browser now allows you to pin a tab so that you can access your favorite websites and web apps with just a click.  Just right-click on the tab and choose “Pin”. This would place the pinned tab in the beginning of all opened tabs. When you close and reopen the Edge browser, you could still see the pinned tabs.

Notifications from Websites

If you do not want to miss any update from your favorite websites like Skype for The Web, WhatsApp or Slack, then Microsoft Edge browser helps you to do so. In the Anniversary Update of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge shows you to notifications from websites. Anyway, Microsoft Edge asks your permission before sending any notifications from websites and you can manage notifications by right clicking a notification in Action Center or from ‘Settings’ in Microsoft Edge.

Swipe to Navigate

If you are using the Windows 10 mobile device or touchscreen PC/Laptop, then simply drag the finger to the right or left on the page to go to the previous or next page in your history.

Ask Cortana to know more about the Image

If you want to know more about the image or want to see related images on the web, then right-click on the image and choose “Ask Cortana”.

Better Favorites

Now you can import favorites from Mozilla apart from Chrome and Internet Explorer. Previously when you import favorites from any browser, it would get into existing folder. But, with the latest update favorites will be placed in a separate folder. You can expand and collapse the folders as it is shown as a tree in the hub. It allows you to sort based on name and just right-click on favorites bar to rename, display only icons or create new folders.

Improved Download Management

Now, Microsoft Edge browser reminds you about downloads which are in progress when you are closing the browser. It also allows you to set the default location to save downloads. To do so, go to “Settings”, choose “Advanced Settings” and look for the new option below “Downloads”.

Drag and drop folders

Microsoft Edge browser in Anniversary update allows you to upload folders to OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox just by dragging and dropping into it.

Paste and go

New features in Microsoft Edge browser

When you copy any link to the clipboard and right-click on the address bar of the Microsoft Edge browser and choose “Paste and go”, then it would navigate you to the respective website without an extra click. If you copy any text other than the link, then it would show “paste and search” option.

Better tab behavior on mobile

Microsoft Edge browser opens in tabs when you are working with apps on your mobile. Click on the link in the app and it gets opened in a browser tab. When you are done, just click on the back button to close the tab and get back to the app.

Tab previews on HoloLens

Just hover over the tab in HoloLens and it would show you the thumbnail preview of the page.

All Day Efficiency

When Microsoft Edge comes across non-essential Flash content on the website, then it does not start playing until you click on it. This would improve the performance and saves power. If Flash is consuming most of the resources, then Windows would stop it without affecting the website. Microsoft Edge is said to be the longest-lasting browser on Windows which is more efficient with savings up to 90% with tabs open in the background.

More Compatible with popular sites

With the latest update, Microsoft Edge supports new standards of JavaScript, HTML5, and media formats. This allows sites to use Windows Hello to sign you in with your fingerprint or face.

Safer than ever

Microsoft Edge sets high security and protects you from exploits by separating web pages from the system. This does not allow intruders to access your personal information and operating system.  With the anniversary update, attacks are more difficult due to Kernel Attack Protection.

Enterprise-ready Browsing

Microsoft says that it has done some improvements specifically for enterprise customers. Organizations can now use Microsoft Edge as default browser and can fall back to Internet Explorer 11 for few websites for backward compatibility. Messages like “Your organization has set this site to automatically open in Internet Explorer” will not be shown by default, but you can set a restriction on specific sites.

And Much More

This is just the beginning and there is much more to know about new features added to Microsoft Edge in the anniversary update. To know more, click on Menu (3 dots) and select “What’s new and tips”.

Source: Microsoft.

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