Cool new Edge browser features in Windows 10 v1703

The Windows 10 Creators Update also brought some major updates and improvement to the Microsoft Edge web browser. With all these new features and improvements, Edge is surely better than before and gives a tougher competition to other browsers. In this post, we’ve discussed some of the new features introduced in the latest Edge with the Creators Update v1703.

New features in Edge browser

UI improvements

The new features in tabs section can completely change the way you browse the internet. The first major addition here is Set Tabs Aside feature. What this feature does is basically put your currently ongoing work to a side. All the currently opened tabs are put to aside for later access and the browser starts fresh with a new tab page.

New features in Edge browser

The feature comes very handy when I am researching a topic for a post but I want to take a break and watch a few videos on YouTube or read my Facebook feed. I can actually continue where I left off without mixing my work-related tabs with other tabs. Remember the tabs that you’ve kept aside are not running in the background. Instead, they will be reloaded again when you restore them. You can restore all of them at once or manually choose the ones to restore. You can even share the sided tabs with someone or instantly bookmark all of them.

Another minor addition to tab management is the Tab Preview feature. Now you can hit that small button beside the plus button to show tab previews. The tab preview is persistent and it stays until you’ve disabled it from the same button.

Now you can read books within the Edge browser. The books can be purchased and downloaded from the Windows Store or from anywhere on the internet. The bookstore is currently available only in U.S region. The books tab has been added to the Edge hub and you can directly access the bookstore from the browser.

The collection of books at the Windows Store includes most of the popular latest releases and all the best sellers. Windows Store offers a vast collection of books and some of the classics are offered for free as well.

The reading experience is crisp and clear. All the basic features like bookmarks, contents, search box are easily available. You can also choose from three themes available. You can customize text size, font, and spacing. Moreover, there is a Read aloud mode available that can read out the book for you, essentially converting the e-book to an audiobook. The Read aloud is pretty bearable and is just a few more improvements away from a perfect e-book reader.

Technical Improvements

Edge 15 has gone through some major technical improvements in the latest update. Making it more secure, fast and responsive to user interactivity. Keeping efficiency and power consumption in mind, Edge has been improved a lot. This video demonstrates that Edge can last almost 35% longer than Google Chrome while buffering a video continuously on identical devices.

The all new EdgeHTML 15 makes browsing the internet more fast and responsive. The major focus has been shifted to the user inputs making a webpage’s content accessible even before it has loaded completely. From a developer point of view, the update has created a lot of new modern capabilities including the Payment Request API, Web VR Preview and etc. You can check out a complete list of changes here.

The Speedomer score has also improved a lot with this update. The current score being an all-time high of 82.67. Various other security improvements have been made such as improving sandboxing techniques. For more detailed information about technical improvements, you can visit Windows Developer Centre.

There are other major and minor fixes included in Edge. You can easily get to know them once you have installed the update to your computer.

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