Download Microsoft Edge browser Quick Start Guides

The launch of Windows 10 created a whole new era in technology, and along with it, Microsoft’s new and powerful browser, Edge was a breakthrough. Since its launch, the browser has improved a lot and is getting better with every update. However, users know less about the features of the browser. In this guide, Microsoft introduces and explain Edge’s features, thereby helping users to use it to its maximum potential.

Microsoft Edge browser Quick Start Guides

The Address barMicrosoft Edge browser Quick Start guide

1] The address bar in Microsoft Edge is smart. It isn’t simply used for navigating to websites but doubles up as a Search bar with Bing as the default search engine. Even more, you could use it as a calculator, currency converter, measurement unit converter, etc.

2] For generic queries (e.g., what is the time), the answer appears as a suggestion popped up sans the need of loading the search page.

3] The star-like symbol is used to bookmark pages as Favorites.

4] The reading view is a wonderful feature of the browser which is explained in detail here.

5] The browser is linked to OneNote, and we can save pages (after adding text, notes, etc.) to OneNote using the Add Notes option.

Using Cortana with Microsoft EdgeUsing Cortana with Microsoft Edge

Cortana is smart, and it shares its Smartness with Microsoft Edge.

1] Instead of opening every link individually or searching every text, simply select the text, right-click on it and choose to Ask Cortana from the options. Cortana will show a preview of the information associated with the text in a sub-window on the side.

2] You could also use Cortana as your assistant. Select the circular Cortana symbol in the Address Bar, and it judges your next action. It would show information, offer discount coupons, etc. depending upon what it predicted as your next action.

Using Microsoft Edge to collaborateShare Web Notes

As discussed earlier, we could save web pages on Microsoft Edge using the Add Notes option in the Address Bar and edit that saved a webpage. Once saves, we can share the web notes using the apps which are logged on to the browser.

Click here, here and here to download the Edge’s Quick Start PDF Guides from Microsoft.

While users have been inclined towards other browsers in the market, Microsoft Edge has way more to offer for a reason. Being Microsoft’s product, the company supports it by linking it with other of its products like Cortana, OneNote, etc. Try it out to know better.

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