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Things I don’t like about Edge, and why I switched back to Internet Explorer

Microsoft has introduced Edge browser in Windows 10 and set it as the default browser, on the new operating system. While Edge is good, fast and secure, after using it for a week or two, I decided to go back to my favorite Internet Explorer. I found Edge wanting and  incomplete, and there were features that I missed badly. Here are the things I did not like about Edge – the features I missed including the fewer customization and management options – and why I switched back to IE

1] You cannot display just icons in the favorites bar

When I imported my bookmarks from Internet Explorer, I found that they displayed on the Favorites bar in the form of Icon+Name. I found no way to edit the name or to display just the icon. You could only edit the name when you were adding a link to bookmarks.  I liked to display just the icon and this is not possible. This looked ugly and my bookmarks bar overflowed and looked cluttered.

2] There is no No F11 or full-screen mode.

I need this when I am blogging. Sure there is the Reading View, but that shuts down a lot of web page functionalities.

3] Clicking twice on the address bar to type URL

Have you noticed? You have to click on the address bar twice to be able to type a URL. This happens after you fire up the web browser or open a new tab.

Sure you can type the URL in the search box too, but by habit I find myself going to the address bar to type URLs.

Clicking twice is something I do not like.

4] RSS Feed support missing

There is no way to read RSS Feeds, which is important to me. I don’t just use the browser to browse web pages and surf the Internet. It has to offer me additional functionality.

5] Poor context menu support

The right-click context menu offers hardly any items. There is no Search with, Translate with, Open link, etc, menu items which are very frequently used by me.

There are many more reasons. Like you cannot change the Download folder. You have to actually carry out a workaround to get this job done. But these 5 reasons are good enough for me to switch back to the under-rated, but actually good, Internet Explorer.

Edge browser may use newer technology, consume lesser battery, don a smart minimalistic UI, and have many new features, but what I want is missing from it.

Microsoft has said that they plan to introduce newer features and plug-in support soon, before the year ends. We hope it does this soonest, before the newness of Edge dies down and people go back to their earlier browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

What about you? Are you using Edge or have you switched back to your earlier browser. Which one and why?