Maxthon MxNitro Web Browser: Is it really so fast?

Maxthon’s newest addition to the company’s family of browsers – MxNitro has removed all largely unused, resource-hogging features like extensions and cloud services to gain speed.

Users will admit that the most important feature they look around for in a web browser is speed. What follows speed is security, ease of use, customization and more. Customization can compromise speed so most performance oriented browsers like Internet Explorer or Maxthon strip its offerings of most of their customization options and other unnecessary extras.

Maxthon MxNitro

Maxthon MxNitro Web Browser

The developers of Maxthon MxNitro claims the browser gets its speed in part by reducing the User Interface load which helps it fetch and load webpages faster. It has a minimalist design.

I downloaded the browser. The installation was near instantaneous. When you open it, you are welcomed by as the home page. I saw no way to change it.

I couldn’t find any option menus or anything to tweak the browser. For instance, no Settings menu to clear cookies, switch to private browsing, or remove history. The Settings button in the bottom right corner lets you only tweak Search settings.

There are 3 buttons – Minimize, Restore and Close, that remain hidden and become visible only when you hover your mouse cursor over them. I had problems finding these options for a while, although I did ultimately discover them residing in the upper right corner of the screen, as usual. You have to hover your cursor over them to be able to see the.

MxNitro focuses mainly on the following major areas.

  1. Algorithmic, predictive pre-fetching of websites based on browser and search history, and usage patterns across minutes, hours, and days of the week.
  2. Predictive pre-creation of connections to websites and pages.
  3. Stripping down the ‘design load’ through a simple, lightweight user interface
  4. Maximize start-up time, page rendering speed, and stability.

The browser doesn’t have useful right click features. Its context menu is bare-bones. It is probably the most uncluttered browser I have seen till date. Users who prefer customization over speed and simplicity may find MxNitro pointless, just after few minutes of use.

The home page is set to with speed dial offering 9 pre-set sites that are resistant to change. Options that become clearly visible when you switch to MxNitro are a large Back button, Copy current URLPaste copied URL and go and Home and Favorites buttons.

During my brief time with this alternative browser, on my Windows 8.1, I found MxNitro to be fast – yes definitely – but not insanely fast as claimed by the developers – but you may have a different experience with it. However, it uses less memory for sure and that it load web pages considerably quicker in comparison to other browsers.

If you do decide to check out Maxthon MxNitro installed on your machine, share your experience with us. Go get it here.

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  1. Vokol

    MxNitro sure still has a long way to go. All kinds of huh what where whyyy wtf going on there, and the speed is not better than Maxthon at all. Yet. In the meantime you can make Maxthon minimalist by using my skin
    Download portable Maxthon “install”, then just drag and drop a skin on “MaxthonPortable.exe” to try it out. Hate the skin and hate maxthon? Just throw away the files and live happily ever after =)

    I like the speed of Maxthon and their Resource Sniffer and some other tools, but the default skin is absolutely horrible so it had to go. Also a shame that adblock in Maxthon is very bad, can’t really recommend it as a main browser for anyone because of that, but a portable version is good to have around.
    This concludes my shameless self promotion, I will end my comment by saying: MxNitro is bad, Maxthon is less bad. Thank you.

  2. gradstud

    I almost forgot that there are things called popups until I downloaded MxNitro. It sure is fast tho. BUT dear Maxthon developers ad-blockers and pop-up blockers are not optional things. Hope you understand.

  3. Before installing this programme, decide how you feel about having software made in China on your computer. Some people will feel safe, but others may worry about security. I found no way to block ads, which is essential these days. If there is a built-in adblocker, it didn’t seem to work for me.

  4. Filebirds

    Is it a new version of Maxthon. I used Maxthon Cloud Browser.

  5. Vellupillai Rajendran

    Mx Nitro sure still has a long way to go .,very nice

  6. Occulter

    iphone is made in China also. Don’t buy Chinese, good luck with making your own.

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