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Privacy is the flavor of the season! Every one values privacy on the Internet, but no matter how hard to you try to eliminate your browsing and other online history, temporary internet files, cookies, index.dat file, Flash cookies, etc, you will always end up leaving traces behind on your computer. While this may not affect most computer users, if you truly value your privacy and are looking to surf privately on the web, you can check out freeware Browzar.

Browzar is a shell browser for Internet Explorer which lets your browse anonymously without leaving any trace. Being based on Internet Explorer 9, makes it that much more secure. It also offers a Private Search too, but you are free to set any alternative search engine of your choice. It does not support ActiveX downloading and auto-complete too.

I found the .com button to be very handy and useful. No need to type the URL including .com or press Cntrl+Enter. Simply type the URL in the address bar and click on the .com button to add www and .com before and after the domain name.

Browzar comes in the installer version as well as a portable version, thereby letting you carry it on your USB stick. So the next time you are using a public computer like maybe at a cyber-cafe, your school or college library and you want to check out some sensitive information, you can simply plug in the USB stick and start browsing with Browzar.  And if you need to close Browzar quickly or don’t want to have the clean up box showing when you exit, simply hit the “Boss Button” or Ctrl + Space keys and Browzar will close instantly.

On exit, Browzar deletes:

  • Temperory Internet Files
  • Cookies
  • Browsing History like list of sites visited
  • Index.dat file
  • Media files
  • Temporary Application data like Flash and Java files.

There is also an option to Secure Delete all your web history. The Secure Delete function can be activated by selecting the function under the Browzar ‘Tools’ menu.

Browzar comes in three flavors or themes:

  1. Browzar Black theme
  2. Browzar Silver theme
  3. Browzar Windows theme.

It is a very light-weight app – just a 222 KB download, and you can download it free from its home page.

Also check out Epic Privacy Browser. You might want to also check out this link which talks of over 25 alternate web browsers for your Windows computer, each offering a different set of features or this one about portable browsers.

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  1. Jon

    The Tor Browser Bundle is another private browser that lets you use Tor on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux without needing to install any software. It can run off a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser, and is self-contained. The Tor IM Browser Bundle additionally allows instant messaging and chat over Tor.

  2. Observer

    Should I be worried that on the official download page, the EULA misspells the word license several times?

  3. Not really, I may be wrong, but I think hardly 5-6 % of the world population has English as their first language – so maybe they made mistakes or maybe they just forgot to use spell-check 🙂 What should worry you more is how the browser performs.

  4. Tushar Singhal

    pretty useful application…..
    worth downloading !!

  5. Guest

    I personally use a a program called Expat Shield but you have to install it for it to run on your computer

  6. Gazelle

    It leaves your browsing history in ie???? check it out

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