Waterfox aims to super-speed web browsing on 64-bit Windows computers


  1. i think majority of users are using waterfox because its less cpu and memory intensive ,i know i do.
    theres too many factors to calculate speed

  2. Interesting. On my machine, Waterfox actually uses a little bit more RAM than 64bit Firefox. And, as others have posted, CyberFox appears to perform best out of all of them.

  3. as per your recommendation i deleted waterfox and tried this cyberfox and no was all good at first then it forced closed itself under the weight of 4 vids loading running out of mem and i have 12gb ram , ive never had a browser forced closed itself on me on this system b4 so yeh gt rid of that quicksmart.
    recently waterfox has been plagued with video playback issue from all different sites so im now back on palemoon which seems to have been improved.

  4. “are few and between” – the idiom is “are few and far between”, meaning at widely separated intervals; infrequent. It was not a missed word, look what you wrote? Had you just heard smart people words once before? What are you trying to convey with this bastardisation of the language? What an embarrassment.

  5. But then what explains the fact the reviewer had video issues with Waterfox but not other browsers. Presumably he was using the same Internet connection and computer.

  6. cyberfox blew up on me badly a couple of years ago. had to dump it for 64bit ffox, which is running quite well for a couple of years.

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