Waterfox aims to super-speed web browsing on 64-bit Windows computers

Web browsers that take full advantage of 64-bit Windows computers are few – and that’s a problem in the mind of the computer user. However, there’s one in particular that promises to deliver high performance, and that browser is called WaterFox. WaterFox is a web browser that is based on Firefox, and, for the most part, it is the same when it comes down to looks and features. The developer, who goes by the name, Alex Kontos, began work on the browser when he was 16-years-old, and the aim was to make it faster than other web browsers for 64-bit machines.

Waterfox browser review

Waterfox browser reviewt

The browser was built with Intel’s C++ compiler, which is one of the most powerful compilers out there. With that in mind, one would expect great things from Waterfox, but such is not the case.

In our testing, we did not come across any form of speed improvements, for everything felt the same in almost every way. We compared loading websites with Waterfox and Firefox and came away disappointed every time. Yes, we do know that there are folks on the web who will vouch for Waterfox, but we couldn’t pinpoint what the fuss was all about.

In fact, we came across more problems than anything good.

You see, playing videos can be an issue here since videos some time stutter and give off a feeling of possibly crashing the computer. Several times we had to stop streaming videos in fear of what might happen. We never had such problems in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

If there’s one good thing we have to say about Waterfox, is the fact that Firefox plug-ins work well. Furthermore, when the browser is installed, it automatically imports all the plug-ins, history and settings from Firefox, so no need to make the same changes all over again.

All in all, Waterfox is a good browser, but not the speed king as the developer would want us to believe. Maybe it’s just us, maybe if we tested on a different 64-bit machine, things would have been different. For now though, we’d suggest giving it a spin before coming to a defining conclusion on whether to use Waterfox or not. Your experience might differ significantly from ours, but we do urge caution because that streaming video issue might cause for systems to crash unexpectedly.

Waterfox can be downloaded from the official website right now for free

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  1. Jim

    Been using it for a while…never any issues with streaming video.

  2. Bruce Baxter

    same here

  3. Jon

    I went from Firefox (64-bit) to Pale Moon to Waterfox to Cyberfox and never looked back.

  4. already try all 64bit browser, n the final result for me is cyberfox

  5. veronica

    most issues with streaming videos originate with your download speed not your browser



  7. Kittigon Neyomsomruaj

    i think majority of users are using waterfox because its less cpu and memory intensive ,i know i do.
    theres too many factors to calculate speed

  8. Strype

    Interesting. On my machine, Waterfox actually uses a little bit more RAM than 64bit Firefox. And, as others have posted, CyberFox appears to perform best out of all of them.

  9. Kittigon Neyomsomruaj

    as per your recommendation i deleted waterfox and tried this cyberfox and no was all good at first then it forced closed itself under the weight of 4 vids loading running out of mem and i have 12gb ram , ive never had a browser forced closed itself on me on this system b4 so yeh gt rid of that quicksmart.
    recently waterfox has been plagued with video playback issue from all different sites so im now back on palemoon which seems to have been improved.

  10. Janet Sharpley

    “are few and between” – the idiom is “are few and far between”, meaning at widely separated intervals; infrequent. It was not a missed word, look what you wrote? Had you just heard smart people words once before? What are you trying to convey with this bastardisation of the language? What an embarrassment.

  11. yeltommo

    But then what explains the fact the reviewer had video issues with Waterfox but not other browsers. Presumably he was using the same Internet connection and computer.

  12. test_bot

    maxthon is chinese spyware. read up, bro.

  13. test_bot

    cyberfox blew up on me badly a couple of years ago. had to dump it for 64bit ffox, which is running quite well for a couple of years.

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