SRWare Iron Browser: A Secure, Privacy conscious, Chrome based web browser

There is really no dearth of alternative browsers available for Windows. Just yesterday we read about Sleipner browser. Today we will have a look at another browser for Windows. Users love using Chrome, but many want a more private and secure browser. This has made them turn towards much secure and privacy conscious alternatives. Earlier, we saw Comodo IceDragon Browser, based on the Chromium source code, and read the mixed reviews that it received from users.

SRWare Iron Browser, or simply called as Iron, is a browser, based on the Chromium source, offering the same features as Chrome – but without compromising on Privacy.

If you are using Google Chrome as your default browser you must have observed that often, the browser send data to Google. Many do not like it and consider it as a violation of their privacy. This cannot be considered appropriate –  especially from security standpoint. Iron resolves this issue. It eliminates usage tracking and other privacy-compromising functionality that are present in Chrome. It also has ad-blocking capabilities built into it.

Let us see what all Iron disables!


In Google Chrome, every time you enter something in the address line, the information goes to Google which in turn sends suggestions. This is not to be seen in Iron browser.


This Chrome-function sends information to Google in an encoded form. For example, when and where ‘Chrome’ was downloaded. This does not exist in Iron.


Unlike Chrome, the feature does not exist in Iron browser. Moreover,
Chrome only has 8 preview thumbs on the “NewTab”-Page whereas, Iron is capable of offering  you 12 preview-thumbs to make the most of the available space on your monitor.

If you like what you have read so far, you can go ahead and download it. You will have a “Chrome browser” which addresses your privacy concerns!

SRWare Iron Browser

  • To begin with, download the set up from the download link and install the browser.  Unlike other browsers that we reviewed earlier, SRWare does a good job of regularly updating Iron.
  • Once installed completely, you can access browser’s Command and Tool menus from the upper right corner of the browser window.
  • If you would like to import some of your Bookmarks and Settings you could do so. Simply click on the ‘Customize and Control SRWare Iron’ icon , choose ‘Bookmarks’ and from the available options select ‘Import Bookmarks and Settings’ option. The process is straightforward and easy, no hassles!

  • On the other hand, clicking on ‘New Incognito window’ would direct you to a new window. Any pages you view in this window remain hidden and does not appear in your browser history or search history. In addition, there are no cookies traces left behind on your computer; once you close all OPEN incognito windows.

  • Settings section help you manage search engines and other primary settings such as opening particular pages on start-up, and setting Iron as your default browser, if you would like to. Plus, you can address many of your privacy concerns here. For instance, you can change ‘Proxy Settings’ and fine-tune other settings that may help you improve your browsing experience. You can even enable ‘Offer to save the passwords’ option, change ‘Fonts and Languages’ and do lot more, all under single page.

SRWare Iron Browser free download

SRWare Iron Browser is a light-weight browser and compatible all the recent Windows versions. You can download it from here.

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