Iridium is a Chromium-based browser with strong Privacy features

As far as the most users are concerned, privacy on the web is an important consideration. Iridium is a free Chromium-based web browser which focuses more on the privacy and identity protection of the user and also provides all the features of Google Chrome. The modifications made here make sure that you always are protected and secure and there is no loop holes to your privacy while you browse the web.

Iridium browser for Windows PC

Once you are done downloading and installing Iridium, you will see a very similar UI to Google Chrome but with a few tweaks. Iridium prevents sending of cookies automatically and blocks all the websites from getting your data – but the cookies settings can be modified instantaneously for each website.

Iridium browser

If you go deep down to settings, you will notice a CryptoTokenExtension. The details about that extension are not really specified but it seems to be something concerned with encrypting the information sent through the browser. You can view the permissions granted to this extension under the settings tab.

All the basic functionalities and support system remains the same as that of Google Chrome browser. You can sign in with your Google account and sync bookmarks and other settings easily over other instances of Google Chrome or Iridium.

There are several other policy changes and modifications that are privacy and security based. To view them all you need to access the Git repository.

Iridium Extension

Iridium changes the default search engine from Google to Qwant, which is again a privacy based search engine that lets you search the web without leaving out on privacy.

In short, Iridium is Google Chrome with privacy features. The entire project is open sourced and the public Git repository lets you view all the changes made to the code over time. If you are a geek and an enthusiast, you can check out the entire code of the project to clearly understand how the modifications have been made and how this alternative browser really works.

Click here to download Iridium.

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  1. Orper

    Thanks for this . An article comparing Epic and Iridium is needed.

  2. AT

    Iridium browser fro Windows PC

    You Mean
    Iridium browser for Windows PC

  3. ReadandShare

    I love using Chrome, and the idea of using one with enhanced privacy sounds like a really good idea. But I have questions about future updates. Googling around, I don’t see any provision for updating Iridium. I assume one would just install a newer version over the current one? But does that also mean having to reinstall / recustomize all extensions, etc all over again – whenever a newer version comes out?

  4. Alberto Gorin

    i download it give it a try

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