SlimBoat web browser for Windows: Fast, secure & feature-rich


  1. SlimBrowser is based on trident. SlimBoat is based on webkit. They are two separate products. The link you mentioned is the homepage for SlimBrowser, not slimboat.

  2. NOTE: To editor, and potential users.
    Realizing this article is 3 years old since it’s initial posting, the fact that it is still currently available, I want to advise that when clicking the link for the download page be advised that you will be greeted to this pop up note, quote; “SlimBoat will no longer be further developed due to the performance and compatibility issue of the QtWebkit engine. In replacement, we are recommending our new product Slimjet Web Browser powered by the Blink engine which has higher performance and better compatibility with modern web standards. Slimjet also enjoys a large ecosystem of extensions and themes.”

  3. Thanks for the update. I’ve downloaded the updated version “SlimJet” I will post a review after a thorough test drive.

  4. Hallo,
    wie bekomme ich AiRoboform als Leiste in SlimBoat integriert ?
    Das neue Schnellausfüllen ist ja schön, aber ich habe alle Anmeldungen in Roboform.

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