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These days, mainstream web browsers have become more and more tuned towards a minimalist design style in terms of user interface by getting rid of the traditional menu bar, merging address bar and search box, and reducing the number of buttons on the toolbar to only backward and forward actions. In terms of features, the big name browsers mostly focus on the core role of rendering web pages while leaving the nice-to-have features to be handled by extensions and plugins.  SlimBoat  web browser is a free alternative browser that offers many features out-of-the-box.

UPDATE: Take a look at SlimJet browser.

SlimBoat web browser review

While a minimalist-style design is good for casual Internet users who just want to read some news and check some emails. But it’s probably not the best option for advanced Internet users who wish to complete their online activities in the most efficient and convenient way. SlimBoat is a fast and powerful webkit-based web browser specially tuned for power Internet users and offers high customizability and flexibility to attend to the needs of different people. It also has much more features out of the box so that you can get more work done in less time without spending the time to hunt for external plugins all over the place.

Although SlimBoat web browser is packed with more features out of the box, it does start up very fast compared with other browsers. Its interface is closer to the classic version of Firefox with a full-blown menu bar and a quick-search bar separated from the address bar. The tab bar sits at the bottom of all the other toolbars. It can even be moved to the bottom of the main window to make it look like a Windows task bar. All the toolbars can be dragged around and reorganized to suit your own preference. The standard toolbar is fully customizable so that you can add more functions for one-click access.

The default homepage of SlimBoat is set to the about:tabs page which show a 4×3 array of quick-dial buttons with links to the most popular websites as shown below,


It also lets you quickly import bookmarks from other browsers when you first run it.

One of the best features in SlimBoat web browser is the QuickFill automatic form filler. It is much more advanced than the password saver available in Internet  Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. In terms of feature set, it’s close to what is offered by Roboform and LastPass. It lets you store the login information together with the web site link as a single form file. After it is stored, you can select the saved form file from the QuickFill menu with a single mouse click, upon which SlimBoat will automatically open the website, fill in your account information and log you into the account in one continual step. You can save as many form file as possible and manage them easily in a central organizer. All the form files are securely encrypted with a single master password so that you don’t have to remember different passwords for all the different accounts.


SlimBoat includes a full-featured ad blocker, a pop-up blocker as well with support of white list and black list. It offers convenient integration with Facebook so that you can share your online activities on Facebook with a single click on the Facebook button on the standard toolbar. Other than sharing a link to a whole page, it also allows you to share a selected piece of text or a selected image within any web page. Access to other social networking services such as Google Plus, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger is also conveniently available.


Many other features are also available in SlimBoat to make Internet surfing more convenient and information more readily available. The site group feature lets you define a few website as a group and open them at the same time by selecting the defined group with mouse. The language translation feature lets you translate full web pages or selected text between any two languages. Although it uses the same Google translation service as Chrome, it’s more flexible and convenient to use. SlimBoat can even display your location weather on the status bar of the browser with 5-day forecast information available on a single click. It also includes other features like save as PDF, Save Screenshot, built-in themes, download manager and so on.


SlimBoat web browser has a rich feature set, most of which are designed to save you time, keystrokes and mouse clicks. The flexibility and customizability is also indispensable for people who insist on getting things done in their own way. The performance is great over all compared with other browsers. It does struggle a bit compared with IE10 or Chrome when displaying web pages rich in flash pages.

SlimBoat web browser download

Feel free to try it out for yourself by visiting its download page and arrive at your own conclusions. Do let us know what you think of this cross-platform web browser.

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  1. Navjot Singh

    Slimboat is a trident based browser and not webkit as mentioned here. Check

  2. Stephen

    SlimBrowser is based on trident. SlimBoat is based on webkit. They are two separate products. The link you mentioned is the homepage for SlimBrowser, not slimboat.

  3. Navjot Singh

    Just checked. My bad. Sorry. Both are made by the same company. Got confused.

  4. ChiefWayloCahonees

    NOTE: To editor, and potential users.
    Realizing this article is 3 years old since it’s initial posting, the fact that it is still currently available, I want to advise that when clicking the link for the download page be advised that you will be greeted to this pop up note, quote; “SlimBoat will no longer be further developed due to the performance and compatibility issue of the QtWebkit engine. In replacement, we are recommending our new product Slimjet Web Browser powered by the Blink engine which has higher performance and better compatibility with modern web standards. Slimjet also enjoys a large ecosystem of extensions and themes.”

  5. ChiefWayloCahonees

    Thanks for the update. I’ve downloaded the updated version “SlimJet” I will post a review after a thorough test drive.

  6. Hugenote

    wie bekomme ich AiRoboform als Leiste in SlimBoat integriert ?
    Das neue Schnellausfüllen ist ja schön, aber ich habe alle Anmeldungen in Roboform.

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