Vivaldi Browser for Windows – Tips and Tricks


  1. i follow this browser since a few times ago and as you said it’s a winner one if developpers continue to be so creative ! i like this browser and it has a lot of chances to be a really serious chrome concurrent ! (sorry for my bad english)

  2. It is possible to rename a speed dial folder screen – open the bookmarks panel where you will find the folder, right click and click edit. Good too see Vivaldi reviews, the browser has come a long way in a short time, it’s been my primary default browser for several months and believe it will continue to improve. Anyone who likes to customise their browser to suit their own needs would do well to keep an eye on Vivaldi.

  3. Mr.Anand,let me thank you for your politness,.I read many times,in comments,many bad words for people,who dont write good english..i was always very angry about mentioning grummer..People write according of their knowlege,You are only one ,till now,i read with positive reply.Thanks are real..

  4. All this creativity and yet they can’t dock the developer tools to the browser. What a shame.

  5. Hello Anand/Arun.

    Good Morning. Please let me know how I can integrate FVD Speed dial to Vivaldi browser. I made several attempts but all in vein. I like Vivaldi and need to swap the default ‘Speed dial’ of Vivaldi with FVD Speed dial or Fast Dial where I can customize the dials bit more.

    Thanks again for your time and consideration.

    Happy Browsing.


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