Comodo IceDragon Browser: Secure and Social browser built on the Firefox Core


  1. G’day HermantS
    OS Win 8 CP. Dld Comodo Dragon browser but not compatible with Win 8. Is Comodo DragonIce also only compatible with Win 7 & previous OSs?

  2. I’ve been using Comodo Ice Dragon since this Windows Club announcement it exists; I replaced Safari on my Windows 7 PC with Ice Dragon; so far, it seems to be performing as well as does IE9.

    I’m adding this comment “late” as elsewhere within these topic posts it was predicted by some Ice Dragon would never be kept up to date…predictions seemed based on version of Ice Dragon core Firefox never changing.

    Yesterday, 08-10-2012, Ice Dragon updated itself to the current Firefox 14 version core; all my add ons still work, and of course whatever Comodo inbuilts/certain bug fixes appear to be included in this Comodo auto-update of Ice Dragon.

    To reiterate, Comodo so far does appear to be as serious about its Firefox core as it is about its own reputation in re Comodo security wrapped around such core. I still can’t find Ice Dragon initial download at other than the Comodo forum, but its rarified web presence doesn’t yet seem to betoken lackluster performance for what it is.

  3. Some problems I encountered after using IceDragon for about 2 months:

    1) Problem with Extensions like IDM. FDM, …
    2) Many times hangs or it is not responding for about 7 seconds
    3) Using too much memory even more than Firefox

  4. I am disappointed that Dragon has no automatic bookmark sorter as do most other browsers. All sorting has to be done manually. However, do to this, you can ignore alphabetical order to group folders by importance, top to bottom.

  5. I just downloaded Comodo IceDragon today. I found it difficult to use. There seem to be no settings at all so I do not see how it in anyway resembles firefox or chrome. When I tried to get some assistance I got people refusing to even answer my question and instead demanding that I download more things. I found this very disturbing. I would like to know if the only thing this browser is good for is the Secure DNS Configuration?

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