Comodo IceDragon Browser: Secure and Social browser built on the Firefox Core

Yesterday, we covered Comodo Dragon Internet Browser, which is based on Google’s Chrome browser technology.  Today we will review Comodo IceDragon Browser, a new release from Comodo. Comodo IceDragon is a secure browser designed and built on the core features of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

IceDragon features a sleek interface that helps you get seamless browsing experience. In terms of appearance and performance, the browser retains same core functionality of Firefox but with some added security features such as Comodo Secure DNS and Site Inspector.

Comodo IceDragon Browser

  • To begin with, download the setup from the download link and install the browser. During the setup itself you have to enable certain important security features such as ‘Secure DNS Configuration’, if needed. The feature alerts you and blocks any malicious websites automatically, when detected.

  • Once you have installed the browser, you can see the main interface of the browser.

  • It displays 5 tabs below the search field. They are:
    1. Downloads – Shows Currents and past download records
    2. Bookmarks – Adds bookmarks
    3. History – Keeps a record of the websites you visit
    4. Add-ons – Manages extensions and plug-ins and also the appearance.
    5. Settings – Displays various options wherein you can fine-tune your privacy and security settings and do a lot more.

  • The site inspector on the other hand, scans a website for presence of any malicious content. It checks any website for Blacklist, Phishing, and Malicious,  in minutes.

  • Some basic information on the site like the IP scan, domain, register name, contact details etc., can also be collected, if required. For users’ convenience, the browser allows access to Site inspector functionality via context menu too.
  • Well, if you think that’s all then, wait! Realizing the importance of social interactions through various social networking sites, a new feature by the name ‘Social media’ has been incorporated into Comodo IceDragon. The feature allows users to share anything in a single click. Just click on the social networking icon in the menu bar and you’re done! No hassles!

Comodo IceDragon Known issues

  • The “Restore” button on windows XP is not also displayed when hovering the mouse cursor above it.
  • Importing data from Comodo Dragon is not possible yet.
  • Importing data from Mozilla Firefox is only available during the installation of Comodo IceDragon and may not work in some cases.
  • Minor GUI issues.

Apart from above mentioned issues, the browser is good and serves its purpose well. It works just fine on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit too.

Comodo IceDragon Browser download

Firefox lovers, you definitely want to check out the more secure and the more social Comodo IceDragon.

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