Slimjet, a powerful browser for Windows, powered by Blink Engine


  1. Having made that statement, can you elaborate and perhaps offer your suggestion as to which browser you consider the best at the moment.

  2. This a very good browser! Lighter on resources and faster speeds. It finally integrates the h.264, AAC, mp3 codecs for better compatibility in YouTube and the Widevine CDM playback component/plugin to be able to watch Netflix; better video viewing.

  3. Until you TELL me which browser is better (and why), I still believe Slimjet is the best so far.

  4. It’s the only browser that I have found that makes using the Acer 14 Cloudbook acceptable. I can open more than one tab and I don’t have to keep resetting my DSL connection. It also seems to have he same features as other mainstream browsers and gives you the Chromebook experience.

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