Slimjet, a powerful browser for Windows, powered by Blink Engine

Everyone needs a web browser which is faster, feature-rich, stable and help us access any website without any issues. This is exactly what Slimjet does for you. It uses the Blink engine and offers you a safer, faster, versatile, customizable browsing experience plus the unparalleled level of security and privacy.

Slimjet browser review

The best part about this alternative browser for Windows, is that it comes with a few extra features which usually require the extensions. Let us check out a few features of this Chromium based browser for Windows.

Slimjet Facebook Integration
Slimjet browser

The Slimjet web browser is integrated to Facebook and you can share anything on Facebook just b clicking on the Facebook button on the navigation toolbar. You will get a small popup window to share your selected text, image or the web page.

Slimjet photo shrinking featureslimjet photo shrinking Unlike any other browser Slimjet automatically compresses the photos and helps uploading them 20 times faster. Just go to the settings and click on Photo Processing to check and edit the photo shrinking settings.

On page web translationsslimjet translateWith Slimjet you can translate any part of text right from the web page. Just select the desired text-> right click-> translate selected text and Slimjet web browser will translate it for you.

Video Downloadslimjet youtube downloader Slimjet also allows you download MP3 files directly from several video websites which is certainly one of its best features.

Customizable Toolbar slimjet customize toolbarThe browser comes with a customizable toolbar which give you quick access to its various features. It let users to customize the toolbar by adding or removing additional buttons.

URL Optimization 

Slimjet browser allows users to create a short alias mapped to the original URL. Once mapped, users can use those aliases instead of the complete URL and reach the destination website easily.

Weather ForecastWeather slimjetThere is a built-in weather forecast feature in Slimjet which you can view your local weather condition directly on the browser toolbar. You just need to add the weather button onto the navigation toolbar and set your city and country there.

Slimjet download

Overall Slimjet is a simple web browser which comes with a highly responsive user interface and some very useful features. This Chromium based browser powered by Blink provides a faster browsing experience. In a nutshell you can browse internet, download videos automatically and also optimize the URLs with Slimjet web browser. Go get it here.

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  1. CMPro Teams

    Browsing with it, is fast & awesome but not sure about security & privacy!!!

  2. WiNC0de

    Slimjet is not the best browser out there. I can tell you that.

  3. “powered by Bling Engine” in the title should probably read “powered by Blink Engine”?

  4. shiwangi peswani

    Thanks for bringing it our notice Maskil. Typo is corrected 🙂

  5. Steve Johnson

    It looks like they are pretty serious about protecting user’s privacy. Check this out:

  6. Peter Wills

    Having made that statement, can you elaborate and perhaps offer your suggestion as to which browser you consider the best at the moment.

  7. Kade Medina

    This a very good browser! Lighter on resources and faster speeds. It finally integrates the h.264, AAC, mp3 codecs for better compatibility in YouTube and the Widevine CDM playback component/plugin to be able to watch Netflix; better video viewing.

  8. Alf Zay

    Until you TELL me which browser is better (and why), I still believe Slimjet is the best so far.

  9. Ed Hayden

    It’s the only browser that I have found that makes using the Acer 14 Cloudbook acceptable. I can open more than one tab and I don’t have to keep resetting my DSL connection. It also seems to have he same features as other mainstream browsers and gives you the Chromebook experience.

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