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On the Edge of Internet Explorer

With a new Windows 10 installation the default browser is Microsoft Edge. It was earlier called Project Spartan before being renamed Edge based on the rendering engine it uses. It is said that the Microsoft Edge employs an engine (EdgeHTML) that has been developed from scratch instead of picking up an existing one and modifying it.

Windows 10 also contains Internet Explorerfor legacy purposes” – according to Microsoft. However, I feel users can have more control on IE compared to Edge as of now. Of course, that may change in future, as Windows 10 evolves. This article checks out a couple of  differences between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge and explains why business houses will still use Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer vs Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge browser is a small app with powerful big features. It is good on security and renders web pages faster compared to the Internet Explorer. You might want to take a look at features of Microsoft Edge browser, so that the comparison makes more sense. This surely makes it a secure browser that protects you from phishing sites and more.

However, Edge does not have much customizing options. When it comes to user control, Internet Explorer offers more customizing options compared to Edge.

You can configure Internet Explorer using Internet Options in Control Panel or in the Internet Explorer’s Tools menu > Options > Internet Options.

You can block third-party cookies in both browsers, but at the moment, only Internet Explorer allows you to whitelist sites from where you wish to accept cookies. That is, if you are using Microsoft Edge, you either block all third party cookies or allow all sites to store cookies on your computer. That’s an area where Microsoft Edge has to be upgraded.

Restricted Sites

If you are using Microsoft Edge, you will have to use a third-party program or alter your Windows HOSTS files to restrict usage of some sites. The better way is to go with Open DNS and set up restricted sites from them. Open DNS is free and provides many offers you should check. On tablets and mobile devices, the Family Safety thing in Control Panel or PC Settings may do the trick.

For Internet Explorer, you can easily use Internet Options in Control Panel to add restrictions and prohibit sites by content or otherwise.

Rendering Engines

The old engine used by Internet Explorer was Trident that was considered by some slow to load pages. It was improved in Internet Explorer 11. In Edge, EdgeHTML was conceived and built from scratch. It is supposed to be faster at rendering webpages, but the question is how many web masters will be willing to upgrade their websites and local software.

That is the main reason why I think most businesses would stay with Internet Explorer rather than going with Edge. They can always simply add a little code to make their websites renderable on Internet Explorer (even if it takes some time) rather than bring it up to Edge’s standards. This may continue for some time until websites start looking too bad on Internet Explorer and admins are forced to upgrade to Edge.

Another point that arises is that when they change the default browser in the business houses, they will have to change the code of local software used by the organizations. Figuring out the code and changing it is a time consuming process when you can simply override problems by inserting a small code at the beginning of website code. Thus, Internet Explorer will be continued to be used in organizations.

Another issue is that Edge is still a baby. It is under improvement based on the Insiders’ experience and feedback. It will take some time to unleash its full power. Organizations might want to wait for a period before switching to Edge from Internet Explorer.

For personal use, Edge is much better and secure compared to Internet Explorer. Even for business use, it is better than Internet Explorer but due to above said factors, Internet Explorer will continue there with their old websites and local software. If Microsoft offers similar injection of code facility for Edge, it might not be what end users want – it will become similar to IE in delay loading etc. They want easier browsers that can run websites smoothly and Microsoft Edge is anytime better than Internet Explorer.

Your views?