Browser Wars : Top 5 popular browsers – Feature Comparison Chart


  1. IE9 is the best browser out there followed by firefox….chrome just crashes too much and takes up too much memory….

  2. I’m guessing you reviewed Safari 5, not 4 as stated in the chart.

    I don’t see why Safari’s download manager would be considered weak, compared to the vanilla Firefox one for example.

    Also, Chrome does indeed support tab isolation, in fact it’s one of its defining features.

  3. Opera is my #1 choice followed by SRWare Iron (Sort of Chrome since it is a Chromium browser), then Firefox, then IE, Safari although not even a consideration for me falls dead last.

  4. IMHO – IE9 is quick, but is bloated. The same holds true for Firefox – the software keeps getting bigger and bigger with each release. Safari is slow, inserts unneeded ads on websites(hey Apple; we are onto you now) and Chrome is too intrusive to your privacy (Google is the “Big Brother”). To me, Opera seems like the best choice.

    I would like someone create a lightweight, fully portable browser based on the QT Webkit. The browser will be small, fast, and is easy to configure. In addition, it has secure privacy features built in. Here’s an example of one; QupZilla; a promising browser:

  5. LOL!…I don’t know why almost 26% of the people who polled here feel that IE is better than Firefox and Chrome.

  6. LOL and I am LOL’ing how you still don’t know the reason. But then how would you!? I bet you have never used IE 9 I suppose!

  7. Firefox has been legendary for memory leaks, and the stability of many add-ons is questionable, too.

    In that infographic, I am rather curious where those “Desktop Browser Share” percentages originated. No offense, but they aren’t even remotely close to being accurate! These are generally considered to be the percentages that the industry utilizes as their benchmark:

  8. Does Google Chrome even have a ‘Seamless Download Manager’ all the way? I doubt it big time. Even a click by mistake on the tab below stops the download, wasting the user’s time. Compare that with the IE9 Download Manager and you’ll be hooked on. Firefox has long been replaced by Google Chrome as the most fav alternative browser apart from IE but with IE9, this gonna be a tough race!

  9. The best is IE9 and Upcoming IE10. Eventhough Password Manager & Addons Support is not good, IE9 is better than other browsers. Most people don’t use Password Manager in Web browsers at all. Most people don’t even save passwords bcoz everyone is concerned of privacy & security. And addons support of IE9 is reduced recently bcoz of people(faked themselves as developers) copied the original addon and uploaded many, creating confusion among people which one is real addon. But in Future, When Win 8 releases, it must be in sync with most Windows Mobile Smartphones and so MS will allow only certified developers to create addons for IE too to make it more synced with most devices giving a better secured addons. So i recommend people to wait & watch.

  10. was a big fan of firefox, but in resent time it is more frustrating than a pleasure. just yesterday i opened a web page with firefox, waited a few moments, then opened chrome, opened the web page and when it finished, went back to firefox which was still suffering to load the web page.

  11. If we’re discussing about web browsers, it mainly depends on searching and browsing. Depending on this fact, Chrome (Chromium) has no opponent since it’s based on a search engine company, Google. But another fact is the operating system. Internet Explorer heavily depends on Microsoft operating systems since other run on different OSes. I believe, at the moment, Google is on the right way. The future seems to be more mobile. Web-based games are getting stronger. Web-based applications are strong and scalable. Google Chrome OS may introduce us “lighter to carry, strong when connected” devices which does not need to store heavy OS details. Those also may include strong, power saving components. The only negativity may be the connection dependency. But base stations are everywhere and connections may even happen between devices as a mash…

  12. I voted for Chrome, because of its super human-friendly user experience. I am not talking about the user interface, which is also the best among of all. I am more talking about the user experience. Something like mid-click the back button opens the previous page in a new tab, which IE isn’t able to do. Nowadays, performance in all modern browsers listed in this post won’t make any big impact to any users, even savvy ones. It’s the extreme user-friendly experience that makes the difference on day-to-day browsing.

  13. I prefer IE and Chrome. Chrome is fast. IE is clean & secure. But IE fails to load many contents from various sites, so I voted for CHROME

  14. Tried this site as you said. Chrome took 29 seconds more than IE9 to load with the ‘Loading’ indicator popping now and then while IE9 opened it up smoothly. Also, the alignment of images upon being fully loaded up took long in Google Chrome, though being a ‘Blogspot’ 😛


  15. Check out the graphics. Hover over a link in Chrome and then in IE. See the header in both. Open a post. The opening way is different in both. Try these… 🙂

  16. Load time isn’t a factor.
    Check out the graphics. Hover over a link in Chrome and then in IE. See the header in both. Open a post. The opening way is different in both. Try these… 🙂

  17. For me IE won’t be useful until it can open with the previous session’s tabs. All others can so I just can’t understand why IE can’t add that feature.
    I’m puzzled.

  18. you forgot…..invasion of privacy and/or DATA collection practices…….google may take first there…

  19. Same souce, but here someone has cunningly transposed the figures for IE9 and FF9 (all the others are identical).

  20. Crashes? Seriously. I run it on XP, Vista, 7, and 7 64 bit, our entire family runs it. Used it for 3.5 years, almost flawlessly. Been using sync, which is awesome. It is super fast on slow computers too. Won the browser comparison in several publications last year. Chrome is so easy and wonderful to use. Use the URL bar for everything, one stop searching browsing. Easily the best IMHO.

  21. “We have compiled and compared the list of features of each of the browser. If there is a discrepancy or a mistake somewhere, or if something more needs to be added, please point it out in the comments and we will rectify it.”

    Except for the desktop browser share figures which remain with FF9 and IE9 transposed. IE9 really had 51.9% and FF9 21.8%.

  22. Those people in Mozilla, are turning FF into a developer friendly browser and this will harm their reputation a lot, I believe it’s time to release a separate browser for developers and keep FF clean, fast and user friendly.

  23. The new IE is the worst thing I have ever tried to use! I hate, hate, hate it! If only I could go back to the last version. I am now looking for a new browser because I cannot deal with IE any longer.

  24. Mozilla firefox is best browser for me and always be.I like its privacy feature and it gives me awesome plugins to use…

  25. Are you kidding ?
    IE is only for the stupid people or for the peoples who don’t have another browser.

  26. 4 out of the 5 browsers shown have been reported as being vunerable to being hacked! The onlt one that hasn’t is the Apple Safari 5 and that is absolutely useless, so what does that leave us with?

  27. Every browser, OS or software is being vulnerable to being hacked. Safari was hacked and hacked. Its just a question of being more secure – and how quickly its developers releases patches once vulnerabilities are found.

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