Windows 10 Hangs or Freezes


  1. dont forget to stop unwanted services to stop unwanted servies go to start->run-> the unwanted service and right click it for options etc

  2. The issues and reasons explained above are exactly the various causes of windows freezing issue. So, it is very important to update the windows updates and drivers. Also regularly checking the hardware is necessary too to avoid this problem.

  3. I am using Windows 8.1 and after certain months, some applications started to freeze. Then I search for the cause behind it. Basically there are some corrupt files in the registry due to which the problem arises.
    Then I used computer cleaning software Ninja TuneUp and not only it helped me to remove the junk files but also defrag the drive.

  4. in fact windows 10 is crap and we all was not informed how crap cheers microsoft fir ruining my comp!!!!!

  5. if I could bin it I would but now im stuck with this junk on my computer again cheers for nothing !!!!!!

  6. Windows XP and Windows 7 were great operating systems. Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are just average. I wouldn’t have thought Microsoft would have the neck to start charging for it until all the problems were fixed and believe you me there are problems. Crashes and freezes with the new Edge Browser and also some websites that it just won’t play ball with at all. Issues with playing some games such as unexplained freezing for a few seconds on AMD cards and crashes and blue screens with Nvidia drivers as reported to me by a friend and that was after a clean install. An operating system that seems designed to track you on the internet and sell you stuff based on your browsing preferences and not for what you the user wants from an operating system and that is to use it for work and fun and not spend all your valuable time browsing trying to find the answers to problems and workarounds for all the issues.

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