Windows 10 Hangs or Freezes

If you find that your Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista is freezing, crashing or is not responding randomly, the reasons could be many, and the solutions many too! Having your Windows computer freezing often can be really irritating. This post will just show you the direction in which you can work on. You may try these troubleshooting steps in no particular order. Before you start, do create a system restore point first, so that you can revert back, if you don’t like the changes.


Windows 10 keeps hanging or freezing

A system may hang, crash or freeze typically due to the following causes:

  1. CPU, Memory, disk resource exhaustion
  2. Hardware or Device Driver errors
  3. Windows is busy working on high priority threads, spinlocks, waiting for an event, etc.

These suggestions are meant to show the direction in which you need to proceed. So first, go through the entire list and see which of these may apply in your case.

1. See if a System Restore to a good prior old point helps make the problem go away.

2. Run junk cleaner like CCleaner to clear up PC junk, and then run a full scan with your updated Antivirus software. In most cases, no registry cleaner or disk cleaner will stop freezes. A registry cleaner will not repair the Registry – it will only delete orphaned junk keys.

3. Install the latest Windows Updates.

4. Disable Aero, if your operating system has it and see if it’s helping.

5. Try disabling the Indexing Service.

6. Most such Windows freezes are caused due to Crapware installed on pre-installed OEM Windows machines. So open the Control Panel, check up which programs you don’t need and uninstall them. Clean up with a good Registry Cleaner to clean up residual junk registry entries. You may check out these free crapware removal software, that can help you identify these Craplets.

7. Check out the start-up entries and remove all start-up programs, that you do not need. Remove from Startups all those programs that you do not want starting up, every time your computer starts. I for one have only my security software as a startup, having disabled most others.

8. Check for Error Events. To do so, open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Custom Views > Administrative Events. Check if any recent events show a round red exclamation mark error icon. Double-click that error and an Event Properties window will pop up. See if the information helps you identify the problem.

windows hangs or freezes

For example, if Windows Search Indexer does not work, due to the inability of the Search Service to start, then the system tends to freeze periodically. In such a case it is best to change the Recovery Actions for this service. To do so, open Services > Windows Search > Properties > Recovery Tab. For the first failure, choose Restart the service. For second and subsequent failures, choose Take No Action option. Apply > OK.

9. Check for Bad or Outdated Drivers. They are known to cause freezes, especially during startup.

10. Check if your hardware is the cause of these freezes.

11. See the Reliability Monitor. It lists the failures and the problems your machine may have faced.

12. Microsoft has released a hotfix to address random Windows 7 freezes. See if it applies to you.

13. Run System File Checker and DISM.

14. If you are running Windows 10/8, open Advanced Boot Menu Options and select Automatic Repair. You may also want to consider a Windows Refresh or Reset. If you are running Windows 7, open Advanced Boot Options screen > Repair your computer > Select  keyboard layout > Next > System Recovery Options >  Startup Repair. Also, see this post on Repair Windows 7.

15. Disable Fast Startup and see if that helps.

16. See this post if you frequently receive 100% Disk Usage message.

17. If none of this helps you, you may have to consider Updating / Flashing your BIOS. Take care while doing it.

Hope something helps!

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