Show Advanced Boot Options or Menu in Windows 10


  1. I recently figured out a way to restart the computer in safe mode without using msconfig and charms bar. Here is how to do it.

    When you are at login screen hold the shift key

    Click on shutdown option available at right bottom corner and click on restart

    Now windows 8 should start to its usual advanced menu, where you can chose startup options to go to safe mode and other diagnostic modes or troubleshoot to go to Recovery Environment.

    Try this it works !

  2. What I was looking for: old fashion boot menu with list of installed OSes which starts before windows .. from BIOS like it used to be…
    I do have few OSes and I don’t know which one I’m going to use next time when I power up my PC so to choose OS after pressing POWER .. I had to set (I’m guessing how english menu equivalents would look like .. I got polish OS) CONTROL PANEL > HARDWARE AND SOUND > POWER MANAGEMENT OPTIONS > SYSTEM SETTINGS (on the left … or smth like CHOOSE POWER BUTTONS BEHAVIOUR) > CHANGE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE SETTINGS.
    And there is an option called TURN FAST BOOT (RECOMENDED) or smth lika that … I unchecked it on every WIN 8 instance I have and now I get boot menu every time when I power on my PC …
    does windows boot slower? it’s hardly noticeble if at all so this solution works for me 10 times better then some advanced Power resatart into something something …

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