How to perform Automatic Startup Repair in Windows 10


  1. What if your computer still says repairing disc errors after 48 hours? Nothing works and reinstalling the software is not working either still keeps my computer in repair mode?

  2. You are not reading that I wrote. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING! IM STUCK! I WOULD GLADLY CHOOSE REFRESH ETC. BUT EVERYTIME I TURN MY COMPUTER ON, IT GOES TO AUTOMATIC REPAIR. I CAN’T TYPE ANYTHING. I CAN’T REBOOT ANYTHING. I know it’s from Win 8. I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with my computer. I never had these problems with Win7. Please that actually can help me. It is still repairing my disc errors. Now since last night. Now for almost 11 hours REALLY???? This just SUCKS!

  3. I read you! But you don’t understand do you! You have to request for help – not shout and demand! And that is exactly what you are doing by the tone of your comment. This is a non-Microsoft site and we try our best to help folks voluntarily – as a part of our passion for the Windows OS.

    I suggest you take your grievance to Microsoft or go in for paid support.

  4. I’m not shouting at you. I’m frustrated and trying the best I can to find a suction however if my computer is in automatic repair and repairing disk errors now 15 hours in, it’s not really repairing is it? As mentioned, I am unable to type anything, my command keys such as F2 F12, etc. do not work. Even installing the installation CD again doesn’t help. It continues in it’s repair mode. I’ve unplugged it, turning off the computer, unplugging it, but nothing works. You have to understand my frustration, & I know I’m certainly not the first one to type in all CAPS, in frustration. Now, if Theresa si something else i can try, I would appreciate it. I have work I must try and finish today. Many thanks. Also, I would obviously choose remote assistance, but that seems impossible since I cannot even let anyone have access to my computer, since I’m stuck in virtual repairing disk error mode. Thank you.

  5. Sorry, my phone is sometimes misspelling what I’m trying to say, I need a solution, not a suction. Sorry.

  6. Well I ended up getting my hard drive replaced. It was fried I guess from the lightening storm we had. I didn’t have it plugged into my surge protector. Lesson learned.

  7. Hi there, I’m trying to get some help with my gateway all in one ZX series, I was sharing my commuter with my friend and I beleve it crashed. It was running windows 8, and as soon as I Turn my computer on it gos to the ” automatic repair” then says it could not be repaired. I tried to go not F12 to do the last good config or try something at least but I Have nooooo idea what my password is.

    I appreciate your help.

  8. Well you are a pretty ignorant and obviously misinformed jack ass. You are obviously an unhappy person to attack me without any reason & I truly hope you feel better to talk to me, someone you don’t even know with such hatred. And I truly think you are the CRAZY one to attack me, when you obviously are a very sad character. Have a nice rest of your day. No one else has or would ever talk to me like that on here. Oh, & F— yourself. Or do you not understand that?

  9. Why would you ever talk to someone like that? Someone you obviously don’t know & someone that has not attacked you? You are an unhappy person & I think your comment is not warranted on this group or discussion. You should never ever attack someone that you’ve never actually met or treat them with disrespect. I hope you actually feel better that you felt the need to call me names that are so untrue. I actually am not crazy and have an MBA from UW. I am going to take the higher road & not call you names or speculate about how miserable you are. Have a wonderful Sunday evening , as I am. CHEERS!

  10. Absolutely NOTHING funny about someone making rude comments to someone they’ve never met or spoke with. Glad you felt the need to actually make a comment on something that actually doesn’t concern you. I’m done here. Two people have actually managed to make me now unsubscribe from this because they are more than eager to comment and once again respond to something that doesn’t concern them & has NOTHING to do with Windows 8. I hope people actually grow up soon.

  11. I need help please!Anytime I switch on My windows 8 laptop,it starts and when the toshiba logo is displayed it shuts down like four times by itself and starts up Automatic repair . The automatic repair fails to repair it. It displays a blue screen with the option to shutdown the pc or Advanced option. Each time I choose the shutdown option, my windows start normally. The first time I experienced it I chose advanced option and refresh my pc , my windows worked. But the same problem came up the next day I switched on my pc. Since then I choose the option of shutting down my pc and it works. Could anyone help? I need a permanent solution to this problem.

  12. Hi when i access troubleshooting and click on advanced option it just covers the screen i a faint grey colur and freezes can you help me ?

  13. Hi there. I need some help. I have Windows 8.1 profesional and my Windows Defender ‘died’ suddenly. I use avast as an antivirus program but i clearly remember that i could open Windows Defender. I search my regedit file and looks like that the defender is deleted from my PC. Do you know if a repair could fix the issue? Will i lose all my personal staff and apps from my PC? Any answer is appreciated. Thanks.

  14. Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC, you may check the log file at C:WindowsSystem32LogfilesSrtSrtTrail.txt. this error is coming in my laptop

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