Mozilla Firefox Freezes on Windows 10 computer

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Nice tip sir, I just did that ,let’s see how can survive from crashing ,Thanks

  2. Scott Elsdon

    Im a ling time firefox user, loved it, but the best tip for fixing firefox crashes ? Switch to Chrome. I finally did this , this week, takes some gettign used to, but only yesterday, I unpinned the firefox icon on all three of my computers. Firefox, I’ll miss you, but you’ve gone the way of IE. sorry

  3. John Bailo

    I was at an airport and logged into their free wifi. I was running so slow I shoved in my Clear Wimax usb modem and got faster speeds then disconnected from the wifi.

    However, ever since then, Firefox has been locking up as soon as I launch it, even in safe mode. It will lock, and take 30 to 60s to release….but then it will lock up again on the next interaction. I went so far as to uninstall it, deleting all persona data, and then reinstalling it and the problem persists.

    For example, even in safe mode, if I click on a hyperlink it will lock. If I click on a user menu it will hang, leaving the menus open…and the menus will stay there in the foreground on top of all other applications.

  4. Nino Chkheidze

    my mother hates firefox because it freezes : (

  5. johnson dell

    Browser Tech Support For Free @ 1800 935 0537

  6. Jimmy Porto

    I had this problem for a long time. No matter what I did to fix it, nothing helped. Today, I figured it out. Some websites require the www. For instance, instead of typing, you have to type

  7. BangkokBay

    Getting sick and tired of the crashed with FF – have now pretty much moved over to Chrome! More stable and tiny footprint too!

  8. Matthew Cserhati

    freezing fire? I don’t get it…

  9. Flash Sniffer and OFFer.


    Later on these past few weeks, I would be on FF and it started to
    minimize all by itself and hang for about a minute. It would then
    return and continue on where it left off. During this time, the
    task manager performance graphs were halted and so was everything
    else in task manager like apps and programs running.

    Internet people blamed FLASH but I disabled all the options in the
    various add-ons and options.

    No soap. That didn’t work.

    However in my case, my modem during that freezing minute, was madly
    flashing away at me loading crud I would never watch.

    Web pages just kept on loading FLASH video into computer memory
    while it halted everything else including browsing or moving the

    These Internet people and You-Tubers were right on the money.
    It’s is a FLASH exploitation of the new version of FF to display
    ads as a first priority.


    Great! The following add-on did work for me.

    Go to tools and add-ons in FF.

    Go to ‘get add-ons’.

    Find Flash Stopper in the expanded listing at the bottom

    or goto:

    No Restart

    Stops flash autoplay and shows the video
    preview thumbnail.

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    29,193 users

    Yeah. It worked like a charm. No more hangs or halts in
    two weeks.

    It has a remove option in FF for this particular add-on.


    “FlashStopper 1.2.5 No Restart

    by yochaim

    Stops flash autoplay
    and shows the video preview thumbnail. ”

    This FS add-on worked for me.

    Here are some other Flash Stopper type add-ons that might also work.

    Flashblock 1.5.18
    by Philip Chee

    Never be annoyed by a
    Flash animation again!

    Blocks Flash so it won’t get in your way, but if you want to see
    it, just click on…

    Add to Firefox


    Image and Flash Blocker 0.7
    by shimi100

    Block images and/or
    flash elements on a page. In 1 click you can choose if you
    want to see images or flash,it can help you to free fast surf,
    and stop seeing ads.

    Did you know this is the first add-on which is able to block
    java embedded photos?

    Add to Firefox

    This problem was not a virus or malware. Internet Explorer was
    fine. Complete system scans were clean.

    It was an ADOBE SOFTWARE exploitation of a structural weakness in
    FireFox that can be very annoying.

    I had just allowed a FF update when this started to happen.



  10. Paula Dowell

    here is what happened in my case…. Before i installed Apple quicktime and Itunes, ive never had this problem. While i had apple quicktime and itunes installed every browser ive used had the problem of freezing up or crashing when trying to save a file. (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer). since i’ve uninstalled apple quicktime, itune and all of it’s addition software.. (automatic updates, icloud, bonjour, etc), i have never had this problem again. There’s your answer. apple updates is installing software that’s causing browsers to malfunction. If you dont believe me, uninstall all apple products and see if the problem goes away.

  11. Omineca

    You are a GENIUS! Thank you.

    Now that was an annoying couple of months….

  12. leeteam

    The freezing and “Not Responding” started recently with the last few updated. Not sure what they did to the browser, but many are switching to Explorer, Chrome and Tor if you want absolute anonymity. After freezing every half hour and loosing what I was working on, I have decided to switch browsers.

    Mozilla used to have a beta version called Aurora. It worked flawlessly.

  13. leeteam

    Someone on another forum recommended adding “Places Maintenance” add-on. I tried it and it reduced the “Not Responding” problem. After you install it, click “options”, check All and Execute.

  14. Solgirl

    I’m about at that point myself.

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