Firefox User Profile Manager: Create & Manage Multiple User Profiles

All your personal information pertaining to the browser such as bookmarks, history, cookies can be stored under one hat called ‘Profile’ in Firefox browser. The profile is stored in a separate location from the Firefox program files. There exists a built-in Firefox User Profile Manager that helps you create multiple profiles as a single machine in some cases is shared between multiple users. Each created profile stores separate set of user information and allows you to remove, rename, and switch profiles when needed.

Firefox User Profile Manager

Before starting make sure you have the browser closed completely. Now  type: firefox.exe –p in the Windows Run Command box and press enter. The command brings up the Profile Manager displaying 3 main tabs:

  1. Create
  2. Rename
  3. Delete

Firefox User Profile Manager

Create & manage multiple Firefox User Profile

To create a new profile, hit the ‘Create Profile’ button. In the space provided, enter the name of your choice and press ‘Next’ button.

profile created

Next, hit the ‘Finish’ button. All your personal data will be stored under the profile created. Do not forget to uncheck “Don’t ask at startup” option. If failed, the Profile manager will pop up every time you launch the Firefox browser.

You should find the new profile listed in the Manager.

Suppose you wish to rename the profile, simply select the ‘Rename’ option and enter the new name for the profile.

Rename Profile

Also, if you would like to remove a profile completely, select the last option – Delete. While doing so you will be prompted to either retain the profile data files on your computer or delete all the files related to the profile as well.

Delete Profile

It’s always advisable to have a separate profile for doing secured transactions. This is one place where multiple or at least a separate profile can find its potent use.

If you are creating a new Firefox profile, because your Firefox freezes or hangs, consider using the Reset Firefox feature first as it can fix most Firefox problems.

MozBackup is a free utility that lets you easily backup Firefox & Mozilla profiles. You may want to check it out.

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    I find the the consolidated file “places.sqlite” (bookmark, history, etc.) easily get corrupted. Would you suggest a replacement bookmark utility for places.sqlite. Thankyou.

    William, Hongkong

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