Microsoft Edge browser hangs, freezes, crashes or is not working


  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m returning to IE11. Edge is not ready for prime time. Why on earth you released this half-baked browser on the public is beyond me.

  2. IE11 is shitty in terms of security. But I feel the pain with Edge. I wonder if it’s due to AdBlock though. Hmm.

  3. Why do I want to go to all this bother? I did not add anything to their browser. It starts out telling me how wonderful it is compared to chrome and firefox, then hangs every time I try and close the browser. This is factory install on a refurb puter but I don’t have this problem in either chrome or fox which I Dled and installed.

  4. Step 9

    After deleting the Package folder and before you can run the “Get-AppXPackage” command, you have to reboot again in normal mode. Can’t run that command in Safe Mode.

    Anyway – didn’t work for me. Edge still freezes right after startup, then crashes after about 30 or 40 seconds. Time for a system reinstall, methinks

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