Review of Firefox Light, a slimmed down version of Firefox browser


  1. Will give it a go – looks interesting! For those who wish to restrain memory usage in Firefox try Firemin – it does make a difference!

  2. Thanks for the info, Shyam. Nice article. /=)
    However, would be nice to know what to download from there and how to use it..? Download page is really confusing..(?)

  3. Firebug does not seem to work in Light 35.0 (installed on Debian Jessie) It did work initially for few days but stopped altogether after that. Any suggestions for a fix?

  4. I’ve been using it (light firefox) for about a week now, and I love it. My regular Firefox was constantly thrashing….light firefox does not thrash at all… what causes all the thrashing in the first place…anyone know ?
    Does Light Firefox use SQLITE ?

  5. Firefox and many other web browsers of new generation use recursive functions witch causes piling up of useless memory.
    That is why Firefox uses a lot of memory.

  6. i come a little bit late but now in december 2015 it is the fastest I have tried and I have tried them all for Windows 10. I allways hated FF because it was slow but this is the best for W 10

  7. but not compatible with any of your add-ons, which is the whole point of using Firefox in the first place

  8. Well hopefully a bunch of engineers will quit Mozilla and start a new lightweight browser that supports lots of powerful addons, like Firefox originally was.

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