5 free Microsoft Visio Alternatives


  1. I would only call a couple of these to be true Visio alternatives. IMO, Graphviz and Inkscape wouldn’t count.

    I’ve probably tried a dozen of these now and finally found one that I have been using for months now. To save others the hassle of download after download and registration after registration…try Lucidchart’s Visio editor. It can import Visio files, it can export back to Visio. You can upload Visio stencils and create new diagrams. Essentially it is Visio but online which is incredible.

  2. I agree with Luis. Lucidchart has a great tool for working with Visio files and being able to export back to Visio. Make it easy for teams to transition from visio to another service.

  3. Totally agree with Luis. What I also like about Lucidchart is it also collaborative which super easy in an office setting to complete group projects. It is definitely one of my favorite alternatives to Visio for all mac users and even PC users (if your pocket cash is too small for Visio’s price)

  4. Open/LibreOffice Draw is surprisingly capable once you discover some of the less obvious features (spline/node editing, in-place editing of grouped objects without having to ungroup etc.), it’s Visio import is getting much better, even the symbol libraries are starting to improve. If you’re looking to create network diagrams, this CC-licensed shape library from VRT Systems is excellent:

  5. Like Luis and Carter I think Lucidchart is the best option. I used Lucidchart’s network diagram online free and it was really easy to understand. It also is compatible with most software and the online collaboration is awesome!

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