Free PDF Readers for Windows 10


  1. I use PDF-X Change Viewer and I love it, Adobe Reader, Sumatra and Foxit ain’t to the level.

  2. Thanks blue, i have just got that STDUviewer, 2Mb download and does the job. I like it better than foxit, which opened slow in windows 7 and wouldn’t display the pdf until i clicked on the page where the pdf was supposed to be. And i don’t like bundled with it even though you can uncheck it at install. If i want an ask toolbar i’ll download one, not that i would though.

  3. Hi, I want to ask why the application are slow when opened in native program e.g .pdf file are slow in Nitro as compared to Adobe.
    Microsoft office files are also slow when opened with other native program.

  4. Yes, PDF-XChange Viewer is the best alternative to Adobe. I can use all necessary features for free for read/edit pdfs (OCR include) and comes in portable version too.

  5. Nuance PDF Reader is a superb free viewer also. … Anything to escape the Adobe product vulnerabilties and need for frequent patching.

  6. I use mostly haihaisoft pdf reader. very light, minimalistic, not a lot options, but most files are ok and its FAST. only two issues are little troublesome- occasionally it bothers with a feedback popup- less than once a month. and I cant use fillable forms, for those I use another software. but adobe and foxit- never again!

  7. I used Adobe PDF Reader and recommend a good PDF reader.
    thanks for the aportacion as it is a very good list of PDF readers.

  8. Andy, I think this article needs to be re-printed or shown again. It is an excellent article with lots of options. I personally have downloaded the PDF X-Change Editor, which you can install the Free Version. This is the “update” from the one commented on by viewers. It looks good, now to see if it really works good. }:O)

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