QupZilla: Open Source Multi-platform Web Browser


  1. Goody, another piece if crap Webkit-based browser. They are great if you like removing 100+ Adware Tracking Cookies off of your hard drive everyday. They have an option that is supposed to let you allow/block individual cookies. But it has never worked. The only browsers that do are Firefox and Internet Exploder. It is way easier in Firefox. I only allow cookies from sites where I have log in accounts. Firefox is a bit slower than Webkit browsers but many times better in every other aspect.

  2. “Both, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows installers are available.” That’s false advertising! webkit browsers on Windows don’t have 64bit binaries, they need to be compiled from scratch which is such a waste of time that you could use a different browser altogether. One other thing that suck about webkit, its text looks ugly, Apple should have kept this junk up its crack. A good browser for anyone looking is Pale Moon!!

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