Globus Free VPN Browser review: Encrypt all traffic, Browse anonymously

The last VPN we covered was Hotspot Shield VPN that is good but still had some shortcomings. This article presents the review of yet another VPN named Globus Free VPN Browser. It is actually, a package of a VPN agent and a TOR browser with a built-in firewall.

Globus Free VPN TOR Browser

Globus Free VPN Tor Browser

When you install the Globus Free VPN Browser package, it installs both a VPN agent and a browser and pins the browser to your Windows taskbar.

There is no hidden crapware that you have to deal with so in a way, installation-wise, this is better than the Hotspot Shield VPN that changes your homepage and installs a toolbar.

I will compare the two with SpotFlux and maintain that the installation of Globus is much better as it does not take time. In order of time required for installation, Globus is least time-consuming, and Hotspot Shield is the most time-consuming VPN software to install..

Irrespective of the browser, the VPN agent from Globus starts with the computer and stays in your System Tray until you Exit or shut down the computer. It provides you with default IP of UK, and there is a list of regions you can select from the list available when you right click the Tray icon of Globus Free VPN agent. The Network and Sharing Center shows a new “public” network so you can be sure that there is a new network created which provides for data transmission from and to your computer to and from the servers of Globus Free VPN.

However, it seems that only UK servers were available for the proxy as I could not get it to connect to ones in France and the US. In that case, it does not tell you that it is not connected and if you do not check your IP, you might be under the wrong impression that you are still protected. I also found it dropping connections at times.

In other words, there is no system to tell you if the connection drops or if you are not connected to the proxy servers available in the list of Globus VPN agent. The ON/OFF switch is always ticked.

With Spotflux and Hotspot Shield VPN, you can see the color of System Tray icon change when connected or disconnected. There is no such feature in this case. So you have to keep checking for the proxy using one of the websites such as But when it is connected, the sites cannot detect that it is a proxy, so that is a good point. My fears are only that when you are connected to an interactive website, and the connection drops, it may give away your information to not only the websites but also to the ISPs.

Globus claims to have a built-in firewall inside the browser. Probably that was the reason I could not connect to any site when I used it for the first time. I did a reinstall, and then I was able to connect to any website I wanted.

The browser is based on Chrome, and you will find options similar to Chrome. Only that it is now running on the VPN and that it has a firewall makes it more protective compared to normal browsing.

There are no ads, so Globus has an edge here, over both Spotflux and Hotspot Shield VPN as both of these show ads to support free distribution and usage of their software. Speed too is good and is very good when compared to Hotspot Shield VPN. You can use any browser as there is already a VPN agent running but a Globus VPN agent with Globus browser (that contains a free firewall as well) is more protective.

Globus Free VPN Browser – Verdict

The package is good for people looking for a good, free VPN. This is definitely better than Hotspot Shield as the ads of latter are pretty intrusive and may be frustrating for some. The only concern is not being able to display whether the network is secure or not (whether it is connected to proxy servers or not) – using some color system or something similar. If Globus can add that feature to the package, I will say it is a must have a program on your computer. Probably this is a bug that needs to be fixed, and I hope it will be, in future releases.

You can know more and download the Globus Free VPN from their website

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  1. DutchPete

    Check out SecurityKiss – good privacy, speed & visual connect/disconnect icon

  2. JWC

    Yes, Security Kiss is quite impressive. I have been using it for about 6 -10 months.
    I have for CyberGhost and TunnelBear downloaded and available for use, and I
    have tried other VPNs, but have not used any of them since I downloaded Serurity Kiss.

    It clearly shows, not only if you are connected, but where you are connected.
    It displays the Local IP and the External IP address.
    It offer multiple ( 15 ) world wide connections, with these opetion:
    443 123 5000 5353
    And the usage limit is very favorable but diminishes rapidly if downloading.
    It does slow down your connection but is is tolerable.

    Unless there is something I have missed it has been the best of the many I have tried.

  3. Deepeejay

    The first proxy I used was HideMyAss but it was rather buggy and expensive. Most of the freebies seem to offer very basic services and it seems worthwhile to me to pay for something with more alternatives.
    I now use PureVPN. It’s quite cheap and it offers a wide range of services – PPTP, L2TP,VPN UDP/TCP, SSTP to name a few. You can tailor your choice to particular services using servers in many countries.
    Message encryption is also an important feature often lacking in freebies. You get what you pay for in the end.

  4. DutchPete

    Well done. I agree with your comments.

  5. tauseef

    Free browsers means ? I have bad experience of using free tools specially in vpn industry. I think paid tools are good if you really want to access internet freedom. vpnranks offering great information about vpn industries.

  6. Furqan Rizwan

    i have tried many, purevpn and unblock-us, but luckily this year, the new launch of 2015 is really hilarious, free sign ups and you have the swift smartdns to unblock geo restrictions
    maximum anonymity !! highly recommended

    although hotspot has its own uniqueness so they both are best unblock and hotspot

  7. Furqan Rizwan

    i always feel great difficulty when ever configuring vpn or smartdns on smart tvs, configuration on browser is not really an issue ! recently i set up free smartdns from “unblock com” website they’re offering good free trials for the year 2015, as they are new in the industry but starting off really huge

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