Hide.Me: Free VPN & Web Proxy that offers Privacy Protection, Wi-Fi security, Encryption

Hide.Me is a free VPN Service and a Web Proxy browser, that offers Privacy Protection, Wi-Fi security and Encryption to protect your online privacy.

Most of us Internet users are familiar with the idea of VPN software and what it’s used for, but some of the users are still oblivious to the benefits and needs of a typical VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to add an extra layer of security and privacy for both public and private networks including WiFi hotspots and the internet in general. A VPN is used by organizations who store sensitive data and are wary of being attacked or the data being leaked. VPN’s can be used to connect multiple sites over a larger distance and are often used by organizations to share their intranets globally.
Hide.Me Free VPN Service & Web Proxy browser

Hide.Me VPN & Proxy review

As an individual PC user if you are wary of advertisers collecting your data or any regulatory authorities tracking you VPN is one of the best options. Also, if you want to use some services which are geographically restricted the VPN comes into Play. While VPN’s are plenty we have tested Hide.me which is a free VPN software that offers 2GB of data after which one needs to pay for the same. Frankly speaking, Hide.I turned out to be a great choice since it didn’t slow down my internet and the resolving speed was not bad either.

How to Install Hide.me

Installing hide.me is slightly tricky as one needs to register for the service prior to registering. Fill out the form and validate your email ID by clicking the link sent to your inbox. Once this is done login to your hide.me account and choose the operating system and download the setup file for it. So it is here that you have a choice, either setup the VPN to be used within the browser or download the file and install the same. Also, the app comes with some added features like the kill switch and DNS leak protection, the app is available across all the platforms including iOS and Android.

Functionality and Settings

Hide.Me Free VPN Service & Web Proxy browser
I would recommend users to use IKEv2 protocol since it is the most resistant to network connectivity loss and also uses UDP to bypass firewalls and is totality is the most hassle free method. The free edition lets you choose two regions and it offers basic functionalities like an option to connect automatically when the application is started. It also remembers your preferences and retains the same every time the app is opened.

Users can also set the primary and secondary DNS server address and toggle on the Fallback protocol. Also for added safety hiding.me also an option to choose a random port on every connection. The app minimizes and is moved to the tray as soon as the connection is switched on and can be bought up by simply clicking on the icon.

The only qualm I had till now was that the hide.I dialed to a port from the US when I had selected Netherlands as the region. This sets me to wonder if the premium feature has the same issue of it offers a better control over the region. But overall it was a graceful experience with hide.me.

Usually, until now I have always struggled with the VPN settings but this time around it was different. Hide.me probably offers one of the most easy to use interface I have personally come across. In case you are on a lookout for a decent VPN you can use the trial version of the hide.me and after evaluating the same opt for the premium. Download the setup for Windows OS by clicking here. Go here to use the free web proxy to easily access blocked websites and surf the web anonymously. You may also want to read the review of Hide.Me paid version.

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