Use Free VPN Test to check if your VPN is working or leaking data

This article talks about a free tool that helps you detect if the VPN you are using is leaking any data. Normally, most of us use a VPN on all operating systems – Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc. While there are many VPN services are available for these operating systems, not every one of them is reliable. The main issue that bothers me, for example, is what if the VPN itself is reading and storing my data. Of course, there are software ethics but still, if Google and Facebook can do it, these VPN software are smaller, and one cannot rule out the possibility. This FREE VPN Test review aims to see if the software really works or is it just fake claims.

FREE VPN Test software

Though the FREE VPN TEST software cannot provide you with information if the company is storing your data, it sure checks for data leaks. A VPN is basically a tunnel between your computer the VPN datacenter. It serves two purposes. The tunnel is an encryption meaning all your data is read by the VPN and encrypted. There is no way if the doubt of VPN storing data while encrypting it can be cleared. We will have to take the word of VPN service provider for it. Of course, it must be declaring what all data it is storing in lines with the GDPR.

The second benefit you get when using VPN is that the VPN masks your IP address or gives you a proxy IP address so that you can access restricted sites. It also helps in keeping secret your identity.

Coming back to the FREE VPN TEST Software, it is a tool that detects if the VPN you are using, is leaking any kind of data. Not every VPN is 100 percent secure. Sometimes even the best of VPNs blow up your cover simply by dropping the VPN connection. In such cases, there should be some system to immediately drop the internet connection too – so that the real IP is not identified by the website or any online service where you were connected to.

Besides the connection dropping problem, some VPNs keep on leaking certain data while trying to encrypt it. This is where FREE VPN TEST software helps. It keeps an eye on the VPN connection and shows you all the data that is leaked by the VPN.

Leaked Data Can be Dangerous

The leaked data may not be in a linear format. For example, if a handshake is happening between your computer and a website, VPN might be able to secure it. But then the packets going out just after that might leak for a while or two. That leak would be enough for surveillance companies to record your browsing. For example, if it simply says, it would mean your computer is doing something on the Windows website.

In case of, it is not dangerous, but if you are a war reporter, spy, or something like that, you’d never want your VPN to reveal your identity and IP address as that can be used to pinpoint your location. In such cases, it is really good to test if your VPN is leaking anything. When buying a VPN, buy the VPNs that drop internet connection as soon as the encrypted data line is interrupted/dropped. That’d ensure a safer experience for you as something whom the governments may not like.

Does FREE VPN TEST Software work?

I know it works. I do not know how good it works. I mean, I tested it on different VPNs, and it was kind of raining data. See the image below (this one was when using VPN Unlimited):

FREE VPN Test software

Scope for improvement

There is a good scope of improvement in the FREE VPN TEST software. Right now, it sits in the system tray and shows you data leaks only when you bring its window to the front. They can add some beep or another light sound to notify so that we know data has been leaked even when the FREE VPN TEST software is minimized to tray. That will help users a lot like many of us forget such things while working on computers.

It is a lightweight software. Simply download it from the Free VPN TEST software website. Install it, and it stays in the system tray. You can always bring it to the front to see what all and if at all your VPN is leaking data. Before you try it, make sure you have the VPN turned on. The best way to know if something is working is to try it yourself.

If you have used or will use the FREE VPN TEST software, please leave your review of the software in the comments so that others can know how it helps or if it didn’t help you.

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  1. Dan

    This is a good tool for helping people secure DNS “Last Mile”…many don’t know some VPNs (and many many simple “VPN”s simply being browser extensions) only change IP, offer some degree of tunnelling, yet allow your ISP’s resolvers to record/resolve all your queries. A good way to guard against this is get a comprehensive VPN (for mere examples, WindScribe, CyberGhost, Tunnel Bear), or at least change your Windows DNS resolvers to secure/non-logging service or use Simple DNScrypt. Cheers!

  2. Nick Boyle

    It is never a good idea to use free vpn. You never know it would be spying and gathering you data. However if you want to give a free try use PureVPN and use their 31 day money back guarantee as trial for example.

  3. bolshed

    Well I’m using paid version of Cyberghost and because FreeVPNtest was showing that my DNS traffic is leaking I installed also SimpleDNScrypt as you suggested but FreeVPNtest continues saying that my DNS traffic is leaking. Any suggestions?

  4. bolshed

    Nah, justt doesn’t work as supposed. Are you sure this EasyVPN test is not made to show you these leakages until you get their software which is even advertised in the app?

    With paid CyberGhost and activated SimpleDNScrypt the EasyVPNtest still shows that I’m leaking.

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