Use Free VPN Test to check if your VPN is working or leaking data


  1. This is a good tool for helping people secure DNS “Last Mile”…many don’t know some VPNs (and many many simple “VPN”s simply being browser extensions) only change IP, offer some degree of tunnelling, yet allow your ISP’s resolvers to record/resolve all your queries. A good way to guard against this is get a comprehensive VPN (for mere examples, WindScribe, CyberGhost, Tunnel Bear), or at least change your Windows DNS resolvers to secure/non-logging service or use Simple DNScrypt. Cheers!

  2. It is never a good idea to use free vpn. You never know it would be spying and gathering you data. However if you want to give a free try use PureVPN and use their 31 day money back guarantee as trial for example.

  3. Well I’m using paid version of Cyberghost and because FreeVPNtest was showing that my DNS traffic is leaking I installed also SimpleDNScrypt as you suggested but FreeVPNtest continues saying that my DNS traffic is leaking. Any suggestions?

  4. Nah, justt doesn’t work as supposed. Are you sure this EasyVPN test is not made to show you these leakages until you get their software which is even advertised in the app?

    With paid CyberGhost and activated SimpleDNScrypt the EasyVPNtest still shows that I’m leaking.

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