What is a DNS leak and how to Stop DNS leak

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  1. Mel Leet

    Please someone delete the message above. This shameless individual is promoting a dubious service. It looks like the link is rigged to make him money every time you click. This casts doubt about his impartiality concerning the promoted service.

  2. InThePit

    Nice in depth article, I personally go to ipleak net to check if my DNS is leaking, but none of that happened while on Surfshark. It’s a VPN I bought a couple of months ago, had to pay a bit more then, sad didn’t wait for this Black Friday, they’re giving out “BLACKSHARK” coupon for just 1.99$/month price. Overall I would recommend this software, apart from securing DNS servers I had no problems masking my IP or bypassing geo-blocks. Needless to say VPN market will continue increasing, yearly we release more and more private information to this digital insecure ocean.

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