Hotspot Shield VPN review and free download


  1. Not to be an alarmist to other readers with regards to packaged malware in Hotspot Shield, I can’t really comment on that, but I would have to agree that readers are strongly advised to assess their options carefully and thoroughly when starting out at looking into VPN. There is a few fundamentals to familiarise yourself with, such as the various VPN protocols being at the top of the list. Getting just a little bit of understanding will have really big value.

  2. I don’t understand why Mr Kumar spent/wasted his time checking out this app, when it has been known for years to be only pseudo-useful/good. There are other free VPNs out there which are better, e.g. SecurityKiss. This is not a suggestion to check out SK, HotSpot is bad, and whilst Spotflux may be better, in terms of privacy it still sucks. They can & will provide your data to government agencies if need be. In other words, your surfing is not that anonymous: Spotfulx themselves can & do track you.

  3. I had problems with the ads but I don’t know if they are malicious as I do not proper set up to see if they are malicious. I read the link you provided. Thanks for the input. I did experience that even after removing Hotspot, my home page was not restored until I deleted and created a new Firefox profile

    I said it is good as it won’t drop connections as frequently as other VPNs do. I’ve tried out many and they make browsing too slow so thought this one is better at least from the others.

    I will try out Tunnel Bear for sure. Thank you for pointing it out and the inputs. 🙂

  4. I must have a different HotSpot Shield to the users who have commented so far, and even Mr Kumar.

    Or perhaps it’s because — since I’ve long been aware that if the product is free, then *you* are the product — I’ve never installed the free HSS.

    I installed HSS Elite in May this year. It did not hijack my homepage. I can’t recall if it offered to install FindWide or any other toolbar — but didn’t we learn years ago (even from allegedly reputable software houses like Adobe) that you need to keep your wits about you at install time and untick etc any such offers?

    So, on my fully updated/patched Win7 Enterprise system I have IE11 and Firefox 33.1.1 loaded. IE11 has no HSS extension. Firefox does use an HSS extension, which as far as I can tell does little more than give you a page status while HSS is running (see below). It also offers quick access to the properties box so you can change country of origin and see traffic data on mouseover. BTW, Canada & Germany are now on the list of country options.

    I could find (using Agent Ransack) none of the %Temp%… files mentioned in the Lavasoft article, which is not too surprising since I didn’t have HSS running at the time of the search. However, if they were likely to be left behind after an uninstall, they would likely have been some traces from the previous runtime.

    I have no brief whatsoever for HSS or associated companies and I will check out Tunnelbear to see if it provides a faster service, but I just wanted to let people know about an experience with HSS that seems markedly different to that of others who have contributed here.

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